Charity Brand Index

Which are the country’s leading charities based on the public’s perceptions and awareness? Third Sector Research has partnered with Harris Interactive to address this question in the sixth - and biggest - annual Charity Brand Index.

The report is a comprehensive assessment of the nation's top 150 charity brands based on a survey of more than 4,279 members of the UK public.

The Charity Brand Index 2016 provides charity comms teams with the hard data needed to measure your organisation’s effectiveness and track your performance year on year. It also enables you to compare your charity’s brand with others working in your cause area and beyond, with a total of 154 included for 2016.


The Charity Brand Index is based on in-depth survey of 4,279 UK adults carried out by Harris Interactive that assesses the brands of charities on a wide range of measures. These include: recognition, trust, willingness to donate, effectiveness of media coverage and advertising, attitudes towards the charity's cause and understanding of the charity's work.

The comprehensive report provides individual written profiles of each of the 154 featured charities detailing the research findings. It also includes tables of all the results for easy reference and analysis of how this year's results compare to those from previous years. The report is provided electronically and all accompanying data will be sent to you by your account handler as Excel spreadsheets.

Those who buy the Charity Brand Index can also purchase the full data sets for any of the other charities in the report. These data sets contain finer details from the survey, information on how responses varied by age and gender, and additional questions not included in the main report.


The same survey methodology has been used as previously to allow for direct comparisons to the last six years. The charities were selected based on their voluntary income and charitable activities from their latest available annual accounts. This was done to ensure that large federated charities and charities with low donations but high charitable activity income were not excluded. Additionally, all charities included in the survey had to be registered with the Charity Commission, not be an exempt charity, and operate in at least 10 local authority areas.

These charities were rated by 4,279 members of the general public between 3 and 16 July 2015. Respondents were asked about their awareness of 30 charities selected from the list of 180 charities. After indicating those they were aware of, they were then assigned a maximum of five charities to focus on in the main survey.

Respondents were asked for their detailed views about these charities on a wide range of subject areas. The metrics that subsequently made up the final ranking were: familiarity, distinctiveness, relevance, trust and impression. ‘Consideration to donate’ acted as a proxy for these measures, which were then multiplied by prompted awareness to ensure that charities that were loved by a few, but had low awareness did not achieve a disproportionate rank.

2016 pricing 

Report only and data set £2,450
Plus 1 data set £295
Plus 2 to 4 data sets £250 per set
Plus 5 or more data sets £195 per set
Plus previous year's data sets £175 per set
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