Donation Trends

Donation Trends in the UK 2016

It’s been a tough 12 months for the third sector. Bad press, bad practice and bad publicity have shone an unfriendly light on charities.

But what has been the impact on donations? Why do people give, how do they give, where do they give? And how has this really changed following that tough 2015?

Third Sector Insight – in partnership with research specialists Harris Interactive – has published its latest report: Donation Trends in the UK 2016.

This detailed, 36-page document answers many of the most pertinent questions the industry faces. It is an invaluable insight into seeing how the public perceive charities, how they give and how this is changing. And it will be central to 2016-17 strategy as well as 2015-16 analysis.

The report covers:

  • Public awareness and perception of the third sector
  • Donating trends in each region of the UK covered in detail and compared year-on-year
  • Charitable giving motivations detailed, drawing out differences between men and women, age groups, regions and social groups
  • Supporter preferences for donating methods
  • Risks to charities’ reputation and ways to avoid alienating donors
Charity turnover Price
£0 to £100K £120  (excl. VAT)
£100K to £500K £150  (excl. VAT)
£500K to £5M £180  (excl. VAT)
Over £5M £240  (excl. VAT)
Commercial organisations £240   (excl. VAT)

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