Donating Trends in the UK 2017

Expert Report: Donating Trends in the UK

Once again, Third Sector partners with Harris Interactive to conduct in-depth research and produce a report that examines current donating trends in the UK.

This detailed analysis will look at the ways people prefer to donate and uncover real-world motivations for giving. It will also answer many of the most pertinent questions the third sector faces and will be a key tool to every charity’s marketing and supporter-engagement strategy in 2017-2018.

The report covers:

  • Donating trends in each region of the UK, compared year-on-year
  • Why people choose to (and don't) donate, drawing out differences between men and women, age groups, regions and social groups
  • People's perceptions of charity and levels of public trust
  • Supporter preferences for donating methods (including online) and more…

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£0 to £100K £120  (excl. VAT) £150   (excl. VAT)
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£500K to £5M £190  (excl. VAT) £240   (excl. VAT)
Over £5M £240  (excl. VAT) £300   (excl. VAT)
Commercial organisations £240   (excl. VAT) £300   (excl. VAT)
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Buy now and save up to 20%! Prices will rise on 30 June