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Kevin Curley: The law has changed, but the work of LGBT campaigners is far from over

I couldn't be happier about my daughter's same-sex marriage - but widespread culture change will lag behind the new legal status, writes our columnist

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Kevin Curley says equal rights is not a case of 'job done'

Latest Communications Good Practice

Mark Roy

How to turn marathon runners into long-term supporters

Maintaining a tidy donor database and getting the tone right in communications can keep first-time fundraisers interested in a charity, writes Mark Roy

Lynx's Dumb Animals campaign changed public attitudes towards fur

Change makers: Lynx

The organisation's Dumb Animals campaign made wearing fur socially unacceptable and was an early example of consumer-driven campaigning

Neil Wissink says Instagram is an important medium for Water Aid

Interview: Neil Wissink

The senior photography officer at Water Aid talks about how great images can make a charity stand out from the crowd

The new Ovarian Cancer Action website promotes information about the charity's research

Site Visit: Ovarian Cancer Action

The charity enlisted volunteers from its target audience to help develop the new website, which is designed to be more user-friendly



Parkinson's UK More than three-quarters of people in the UK know little or nothing about Parkinson's, so the charity has launched an online video to help them recognise and support those with the condition

Girlguiding Miniature girl guides made from Lego staged a 'takeover' of the youth charity's head office, website and social media feeds for April Fools Day

Art Against Knives and the British Red Cross The knife crime prevention charity and the international aid organisation have created a video that shows young people how to provide life-saving first aid to someone with a knife wound

Friends of the Earth The environmental charity's Big Picture campaign lets people see their photographs on a big screen at Waterloo station in London in exchange for donations

The Scout Association With 38,000 children on the waiting list, the youth charity hopes a video made up of drawings by a six-year-old Beaver Scout will encourage people to volunteer

Measuring charities' impact

Measuring the impact of charities

How charities can measure and communicate their impact on their cause area.


Latest Communications Comment

By Gove - Nandy is dandy and there's pride in McBride

- It was Tuesday afternoon in New Palace Yard, under the shadow of Big Ben, and the education secretary, Michael Gove, was in a hurry for his next appointment. As he strode towards his limo, he spotted Labour's shadow charities minister, Lisa Nandy, ...

Reaching total consensus within a team doesn't always mean a better result, writes Matthew Sherrington

Why do we find consultation and decision-making so hard?

Changing the world is an urgent task - sometimes you just have to get on with it or you'll miss the moment, writes Matthew Sherrington


Is reconciliation really bruin, or is it all just made up?

- Cast your mind back to the pre-election, downturn days of 2009, when the then health secretary, Labour's Andy Burnham, caused dismay in the sector with his rejection of the "any willing provider" formula for the health service. The NHS itself wou...

Syracuse: this is how its students turn out

It's the Abbott and Costello show, but without the laughs: and a visit to Syracuse

- The Liberal/National Australian government says it is still determined to abolish the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission , set up as a federal regulator by the Labor administration that was defeated last September. But 53 organisa...

Help for Heroes is Britain's Most Admired Charity

Britain's Most Admired Charities

The winners: Help for Heroes, Chance UK, Sir Terry Pratchett and Prison Reform Trust's Juliet Lyon.

Charities and digital media

Charities And Digital Media

Expert advice & case studies on using digital media to campaign for change and communicate with supporters.


Focus on... campaigning

Keeping within the rules on lobbying

Keeping within the rules on lobbying

The lobbying act was passed in January, but the sector's concerns about its effects on charity campaigning have not abated. Sam Burne James looks at the new rules as they take effect

Lilly Caprani is director of communciations and policy at The Children's Society

'You don't reach hearts and minds with data alone'

For charities that seek changes in public policy, the gathering and presentation of evidence is crucial to their work - but it's not the whole story, as Mathew Little finds out

RNLI say YouTube is an important channel for developing their work

Case study: how social media helps to spread the word

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in campaigning. Patrick McCurry finds out how four not-for-profit groups are using it to reach out to supporters and bring about change

Ben Lyons is the co-founder of Intern Aware, which began with a Facebook group and went on to achieve national recognition

Interview: Ben Lyons

The co-founder of Intern Aware tells Andy Hillier how the campaign group expanded from his bedroom to the mainstream and put unpaid internships firmly on the political agenda


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Lies, damned lies, and statistics: what should you really be measuring?

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