The Compact

News, anaysis and comment on the Compact between the Government and the voluntary sector.

National Audit Office

National Audit Office sets mid-November deadline for contributions to its Compact study

Voluntary sector organisations should give their views by 18 November on the workings of the agreement on public-voluntary sector relations

Simon Blake

Interview: Simon Blake

The chair of Compact Voice says the Compact agreement on relations between public and voluntary sectors remains worthwhile, despite breaches

Sir Bert Massie

Interview: Sir Bert Massie

The future of the Compact is bleak, the head of the soon-to-be-defunct Commission for the Compact tells John Plummer

Bonfire of the Quangos

Analysis: Bonfire of the Quangos

The record of three axed sector programmes is praised by some but gets the thumbs-down from sector minister Nick Hurd. John Plummer reports

Sir Bert Massie

Compact could die, says Sir Bert Massie

Head of the Commission for the Compact, which is being abolished, fears the new arrangements to protect the agreement are 'dysfunctional'

Office for Civil Society

Office for Civil Society 'consistently fails to comply with the Compact'

Criticism by senior National Audit Office employee is dismissed by government as 'nonsense'

Tom Elkins, manager of Compact Voice

Compact Voice to expand after securing new Cabinet Office funding

Two new part-time members of staff will provide expertise outside London

Nick Hurd, Minister for Civil Society

Nick Hurd promises 'unprecedented level of scrutiny' for new Compact

Civil society minister announces that ombudsmen and National Audit Office will be involved in policing the latest version of the document governing relations between public and voluntary sectors

Simon Blake

New draft Compact to be published today

Consultation period reduced to six weeks because of October's comprehensive spending review


New Compact draft 'weakens commitments to voluntary sector'

Commission for the Compact says there are not enough measures to protect smaller charities or infrastructure

Bonfire of the quangos

Sector bodies fall victim to the bonfire of the quangos

Commission for the Compact, the Office for Civil Society Advisory Body and Capacitybuilders are among the organisations to be axed

Cabinet Office

Office for Civil Society misses Compact consultation deadline

Promised new proposals on the agreement between the voluntary and public sectors fail to materialise before end of consultation period

Richard Corden, chief executive of the Commission for the Compact

Commission for the Compact and Capacitybuilders named in leaked quango cuts document

List of 177 organisations to be abolished also includes the Office for Civil Society Advisory Body

Francis Maude

Office for Civil Society cuts £11m from Capacitybuilders, v and the Commission for the Compact

Ministers Francis Maude and Nick Hurd also write to sector asking for cost-saving ideas

The Compact

The Compact is "a handsome facade with not much behind it", claims historian Meta Zimmeck

She says the refreshed version does not remedy its opaqueness

David Cameron: Compact will be refreshed and renewed

David Cameron: Compact will be refreshed and renewed

But Prime Minister says nothing about statutory powers for Commission for the Compact

Angela Smith

Compact Voice questions Angela Smith's commitment to the Compact

But Cabinet Office says third sector minister is '100 per cent committed to the refreshed Compact' despite declining to go the a Compact meeting at London Zoo

Angela Smith ruled out meeting at zoo

Angela Smith rules out attending a meeting at London Zoo

Third sector minister will not be present at the annual Compact meeting next week because she is a patron of the Captive Animals' Protection Society

Cash has been reallocated

Government reallocates charity campaigning cash to Hardship Fund

Campaign research programme abandoned without warning


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