The Cup Trust and the Charity Commission

The Cup Trust controversy has led to criticism of the Charity Commission and raised the question of giving it stronger powers.

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The office of Mountstar PTC, the corporate trustee of the Cup Trust

Financial Reporting Council to investigate Cup Trust auditor Hillier Hopkins

The regulator has been looking into the affairs of the trust, which was set up as a tax-avoidance vehicle

Charity Commission

Regulator indemnifies costs of appointing interim managers to Cup Trust and Dove Trust

The Charity Commission could end up paying the managers but says the indemnities are in the public interest


Charity Commission stands by its Dove Trust decisions

After a review, the regulator has ruled that two decisions relating to its inquiry into the trust should remain in place

High Court

Charity tribunal rejects appeal by corporate trustee of Cup Trust

After a hearing at the High Court, the tribunal says there is 'overwhelming public interest' in the Charity Commission continuing its inquiry into the controversial charity

Ben Jaffey

Appointing interim manager for Cup Trust 'was appropriate action', says regulator

Charity Commission barrister Ben Jaffey tells the charity tribunal there was evidence of mismanagement and misconduct because of conflicts of interest

Cup Trust's registered offices

Cup Trust 'meets the legal definition of a charity', Charity Commission says

In response to a critical report by the Public Accounts Committee, the commission defends its decision to register the tax-avoidance scheme

Sam Younger

Charity Commission head calls for 'general power of disqualification' of trustees

Responding to a Public Accounts Committee report, Sam Younger says the commission has been 'too reticent', but needs stronger powers for serious cases

Charity Commission

Charity Commission accused of acting disproportionately in the Cup Trust case

Barrister for Mounstar PTC, the corporate trustee of the tax-avoidance vehicle, tells the charity tribunal that a statutory inquiry and an interim manager are over-reactions

Michelle Russell

Charity Commission denies it opened Cup Trust inquiry because of criticism by MPs

Michelle Russell, its head of investigations and enforcement, tells the charity tribunal that information from HM Revenue & Customs about the trust was 'the last straw'

Royal Courts of Justice

Family of former director of firm that advised Cup Trust 'could make £3.5m'

Charity tribunal hearing hears Matthew Jenner admit that the motivation was to set up a tax-avoidance scheme that would give to charity

Royal Courts of Justice

Cup Trust inquiry was 'a bid to save face' by the Charity Commission, charity tribunal hears

The lawyer representing the trust argues that the commission took the decision because of criticism it received from the Public Accounts Committee

Charity tribunal

Cup Trust granted hearing in the charity tribunal

Tax-avoidance vehicle is appealing against the Charity Commission's decision to launch a statutory inquiry and appoint an interim manager

Cup Trust says its £46m Gift Aid claim is 'more than likely to succeed'

Cup Trust says its £46m Gift Aid claim is 'more than likely to succeed'

The accounts of the tax avoidance vehicle say it disagrees with HM Revenue & Customs and the matter is likely to be settled in the tribunal or court

Cup Trust

Regulator does not have the resources to investigate schemes like the Cup Trust, says MP

If you want more bang from the Charity Commission, you have to give it more bucks, says Bernard Jenkin, chair of the Public Administration Select Committee

Cup Trust

Charity Commission says there are no other Cup Trusts

Regulator disputes claim by Public Accounts Committee that there are as many as 50 similar tax-avoidance schemes in the sector

Margaret Hodge

Commission could have 'easily detected' Cup Trust scandal

The Public Accounts Committee, chaired by Margaret Hodge MP, says the regulator lacks rigour and plans a further investigation into whether it is fit for purpose

Sam Younger

Charity Commission can learn from Cup Trust affair, says Sam Younger

But the regulator's chief executive tells the Charity Finance Group annual conference he is still more in favour of 'self-reliance' than 'suffocating regulation'

Charity Tribunal

Cup Trust appeals against Charity Commission decision to launch statutory inquiry

Mountstar PTC, the organisation's corporate trustee, has been directed by Judge Nicholas Warren to make the reasons for its appeal to the charity tribunal more clear

Sir Stuart Etherington

Charity Commission has brought the sector into disrepute, says NCVO chief

The regulator's handling of the Cup Trust scandal showed a lack of bravery and leadership, Sir Stuart Etherington will tell charity conference

Michelle Russell

Charity Commission opens statutory inquiry into the Cup Trust

The regulator decided to act in light of new information from HM Revenue & Customs, says Michelle Russell, head of investigations at the commission


In Depth

Debra Allcock Tyler: The real villain in the Cup Trust case is the Cup Trust itself

The Charity Commission has made some mistakes in its handling of the case but it is not entirely to blame, says our columnist


Bashing the Charity Commission won't prevent other Cup Trusts

The lawyer Ted Powell asks whether the fingers of blame are pointing in the right direction


Analysis: Watchdog under scrutiny after the Cup Trust scandal

Sir Stuart Etherington's criticism of the Charity Commission is endorsed by some, but not all


Editorial: The Charity Commision's inquiry into the Cup Trust is late, but welcome

The watchdog's difficulties over the case have brought it to a low point, writes Stephen Cook


Analysis: The Cup Trust and the Charity Commission

The Cup Trust controversy has led to criticism of the charity regulator and raised the question of giving it stronger powers. David Ainsworth reports


Editorial: Why the Cup Trust affair is damaging to charities

It has associated the sector with tax avoidance and made the authorities look toothless, writes Stephen Cook


Analysis: Sector anger about the Cup Trust

It appears to be an attempt to use charitable status for tax avoidance, says Caron Bradshaw of the Charity Finance Group


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