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Rodney Schwartz says 'relationship banking' is more of a slogan than a genuine approach

Tempted by banks? Social investors are the better bet

To build a new financial market means supporting investors who take a long-term, values-oriented and client-centred view. Not-for-profits should resist the temptation of attractive rates at high-street banks, writes Rodney Schwartz

John Lewis says his role is to be supportive but honest

FD in five minutes: John Lewis

The finance director of Vista, the charity that supports people with sight loss, says his role is about more than just numbers

Ray Jones

A second Sorp helps small charities with disclosures

Ray Jones explains the Sorp commisson's recommendation to have two new accounting standards, rather than one

Caron Bradshaw

This April fool urges sector caution over Budget hopes

With further cuts to come, charities must pre-empt, plan and prepare for hard times to come, writes Caron Bradshaw


Charity Finance Skills Zone

Expert advice and tips in specialist areas

Helen SimmonsHelen Simmons

On the role of the finance director

Charity leaders ignore the Bribery Act at their peril

Bribes can come in forms other than cash and include gifts or even donations to a chosen charity, says Helen Simmons, finance director at the Diocese of London


Share the task of regulation and focus on the 'bad guys'

Umbrella bodies should scrutinise on the charities who aren't willing or able to self-regulate, says Helen Simmons, finance director at the Diocese of London



Caron Bradshaw shares her key ingredients for an international accounting standard

Accounting, like pancakes, should keep local flavours

Grant regimes, funding models and reporting requirements are all made more complex by the absence of an agreed financial planning and reporting framework, writes Caron Bradshaw

Ray Jones

Related-party transactions can adversely affect profit

Managing conflicts of interest could be the next hot topic for accounting disclosures, says Ray Jones

Ray Jones

We could learn much from the private sector on pay

The private sector can teach us something about remuneration, writes Ray Jones


Social Finance

Nick Temple

Social investment's future will be more cross-sectoral

There seems to be to be an increasing understanding that tackling large, intractable problems relies on previously siloed sectors working together, writes Nick Temple

Nick Temple of Social Enterprise UK

Social investment should break through this year

There has been some progress in making social investment less London-centric, writes Nick Temple

Caron Bradshaw

Social finance works when building skills is included

Charities don't seem to be convinced of the potential social finance presents, writes Caron Bradshaw



John Hildebrand says investing in renewable energy could help charities gain exposure to infrastructure funds

Renewable energy might revive charities' portfolios

The UK has made a commitment to increase the proportion of energy it uses from renewable sources - so could wind farms and solar plantations offer an attractive investment option?

Investment is more complex now than in the time of Jane Eyre, writes Peter Gotham

Things to consider when choosing your investment adviser

Charities should be clear on when they might need funds to be made available and the amount of risk they can afford, writes Peter Gotham

Higher levels of inflation could be damaging for charity investors, writes Kate Rogers

Keep a close eye on the fat, drunk, drugged elephant

We do not know how the economy and markets will cope with the removal of quantitative easing and what the aftershocks might be, writes Kate Rogers



Ashley Hepburn is insurance manager at the British Red Cross

Interview: Ashley Hepburn

The insurance manager of the British Red Cross reckons charities should take a more professional approach to risk and borrow ideas from other sectors

Like a volcano due to erupt, the insurance market is ripe for a shift

Preparing for a rise in insurance premiums

A competitive marketplace has kept the cost of charity insurance relatively low for a decade, but Mathew Little finds that some insurance experts believe the soft market will harden soon

The Terrence Higgins Trust has been involved in more than 30 mergers

When charities merge, they should check their insurance

Mergers can have significant implications for the liabilities of charities. Patrick McCurry looks at the potential complications

If a charity ran a welding course, an insurer would want to know that materials were health and safety compliant

Buildings insurance: check your cover, and know the tricks of the trade

Charities can find themselves tens of thousands of pounds out of pocket if disaster strikes and they don't have adequate policies. Patrick McCurry looks at the common pitfalls


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