The Health Lottery

Does it give enough to charity? What effect will it have on the National Lottery? The Health Lottery, owned by the media proprietor Richard Desmond, has attracted controversy since its launch - not least because of its unusual structure.

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Health Lottery 'blurs distinction between National Lottery and smaller ventures'

Andy Duncan, MD of the National Lottery operator, warns that its rival's methods will open the way to copycat operations from large gambling companies


Health Lottery 'loser' advert banned by Advertising Standards Authority

Watchdog says the advert was irresponsible and likely to exploit vulnerable people, but lottery argues it was sufficiently 'light-hearted'


Health Lottery marks first anniversary with launch of midweek draw

Win Wednesday tickets go on sale; National Lottery operator Camelot says the government should clarify the law


Camelot asks for leave to appeal against High Court decision on Health Lottery

It says the court's rejection of its application for a judicial review of the Gambling Commission's handling of the Health Lottery was 'legally flawed'


Acevo urges government to close 'loopholes' in lottery law

Ministers must protect charitable income after High Court ruling on Health Lottery, says Sir Stephen Bubb, head of the chief executives body


High Court rejects Camelot claim for judicial review of Health Lottery

National Lottery operator says it will appeal the 'legally flawed and unfair' judgment


Camelot overestimated adverse impact of Health Lottery, High Court hears

The National Lottery operator has made an application for a judicial review of the Gambling Commission's decision to award licences to the Health Lottery


Judge hears application for judicial review of Health Lottery licences

National Lottery operator Camelot asked for the review because it believes the Health Lottery contravenes the Gambling Act 2005


Complaints about Health Lottery TV and press adverts rejected

Advertising Standards Authority finds the promotions for the lottery, launched by the media owner Richard Desmond, were not misleading


Camelot to apply for judicial review of Gambling Commission actions on Health Lottery

Dianne Thompson of Camelot says the move is an attempt to prevent a precedent being set


Gambling Commission would challenge Camelot judicial review of Health Lottery

The commission wrote to Camelot to say any review 'would have no realistic prospect of success'


Health Lottery 'costs good causes and government £20m a year'

Camelot says its research shows that the existence of its rival draws £1m a week away from the National Lottery


Health Lottery will not give more to good causes until owner recoups investment

Jeremy Muller, a Health Lottery director, says proprietor Richard Desmond put in £35m


Asda has 'no plans' to extend Health Lottery ticket sales to all stores

Supermarket will not say whether decision was influenced by pressure from Acevo or adverse publicity


Health Lottery still hopes to raise £50m for charities

It says it raised £8m for good causes in its first three months


Acevo urges retailers to stop selling Health Lottery tickets

Letter from Sir Stephen Bubb to nine supermarkets and other retailers says the new game gives a lower proportion of takings to good causes than the National Lottery


Gambling Commission to investigate impact of Health Lottery

Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, raises concerns over the Health Lottery's impact on smaller society lotteries


National Lottery ticket sales rose in month after Health Lottery launch

Health Lottery says the figures prove its positive impact, but Camelot says it's too early to say


People's Health Trust explains how first Health Lottery grants will work

Money from ticket sales will be given to projects in different parts of the local lottery areas each week


Media owner Richard Desmond sets up new charity lottery

The Health Lottery is intended to raise millions to fund projects to reduce health inequality



Stephen Cook

Editorial: Green light for Health Lottery

Judges have backed the Health Lottery and Ministers do not seem keen to change the law, says Stephen Cook

Richard Desmond

Analysis: Gambling regulator reviews licences of society lotteries

The Health Lottery, launched by Richard Desmond, has survived a High Court challenge but still faces regulatory questions, as Stephen Cook reports

Health Lottery: questions over cause money

Analysis: The innovative structure of the Health Lottery

Its complex 'external manager' system has its critics, but is spawning imitators

Health Lottery

Analysis: Sector split over new game's potential impact

Is the Health Lottery a new chance to give - or a threat to the income of others?


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