Big Issue: Upper Tribunal ruling on public benefit and private schools

Analysis and reactions to the recent ruling by the Upper Tribunal on fee-charging schools and public benefit

Analysis & Reaction

Public benefit guidance ruling

Analysis: the Upper Tribunal decision on fee-charging schools and public benefit

Kaye Wiggins assesses four key sections of the long-awaited ruling and finds that it upholds the legal principles put forward by the Charity Commission while finding fault with some of its guidance. In a related article, we look at what the decision ...

Stowe: Buckinghamshire school is one of many to be affected

Analysis: What does the Upper Tribunal's decision on independent schools and public benefit mean in practice?

Kaye Wiggins and David Ainsworth look at what the ruling means for the Charity Commission, fee-charging schools, charities in general, and the political debate

Honourable Mr Justice Warren

Upper Tribunal says parts of public benefit guidance are wrong

Ruling on fee-charging schools says "it is entirely up to trustees how they decide to operate their school"

Charity Commission

Charity Commission says Upper Tribunal ruling has not 'overturned' its guidance

The Charity Commission has released a statement to counter claims by the Independent Schools Council that its guidance on fee-charging schools has been overturned

Public benefit: The ruling concerns the position of independent charitable schools such as Eton

Analysis: Lawyers wrangle over public benefit ruling

Different interpretations are emerging of last Friday's key decision on public benefit and private schools

Stephen Lloyd, head of charity and social enterprise at Bates Wells & Braithwaite

Tribunal ruling on public benefit brings mixed reactions

Charity lawyers talk variously of a victory, a defeat and a score draw


Comment on the Upper Tribunal report

Nicola Evans

The Charity Commission should not be so defensive

The regulator needs to be more relaxed and to learn to take setbacks in its stride, says Nicola Evans, a senior associate at Bircham Dyson Bell


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