4 reasons charities miss out on top talent

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Aled Morris, CEO of charity recruitment specialists Harris Hill, shares 4 ways you risk losing potential hires.

Aled Morris, CEO, Harris Hill

1. Decisions, decisions

At a time when candidates are scarce and charities are competing for the best talent, things move quickly. By the time you’ve completed your interview rounds, deliberated over your chosen candidate and contacted them, they may have already accepted another offer. If you think someone is right for the job, make your offer without procrastination before they’re snapped up elsewhere.

2. Employer brand

With competing offers on the table, fundraising professionals are increasingly factoring the employer brand into their choices. Your working environment, culture, values and benefits can really make a difference to which offer they accept. Another charity may have offered a better remuneration package, but it could equally be that their working culture was more attractive, or simply demonstrated more effectively to the candidate.

3. Counter-offer

In recent years we’ve seen a notable increase in charities fighting to hold on to their valuable talent and offering more to keep them. This is normally in the form of a salary increase but could also involve a promotion, greater flexibility or other benefits the candidate hoped to gain from a move.

4. Laborious application process

It’s not uncommon for charities to ask candidates to complete a lengthy application form as well as their CV (covering the same information), a supporting statement and several rounds of interviews. This risks losing their interest during the process and deters many of the strongest candidates from the outset, as they know there will be other opportunities with fewer hoops to jump through.

To secure the best, evaluate how much of your recruitment process is really necessary, make it quick and easy for people to apply, and run the interview process as swiftly and decisively as possible.

Harris Hill is sponsoring a Recruitment Masterclass: Create a game-changing hiring process on 21 May, as part of Fundraising Week. Tickets are now on sale.


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