5 benefits of using white label donation platforms

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The digital revolution has transformed everything we do so it's not surprising that it's also affected the way that we donate our money.

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It’s easier and quicker than ever to give cash to a good cause. But with giants like Facebook becoming increasingly involved in online giving, what are the benefits of using independent giving platforms?

1. Relationships. With white label platforms the donor has a relationship with the charity. With networks of people seeking sponsorship from friends, family and colleagues via impersonal donation sites, there’s a danger of the charity’s overall message getting lost along the way. When you donate to a friend’s marathon via a social media site how often do you remember where your money is going?

2. Data synchronisation. In a post-GDPR world, data is king. Donating via a white label platform means that the charity controls all the data. Not giving yet more personal information to huge, global sites, means that not only does the charity have control over the data and can synchronise with other systems such as accounting and CRM, but it also allows them to have a 360 degree view of their online community and activity.

3. Online donation forms. Campaigns are customisable. Charities can create their own pages, fields and designs, and adjust this as needed throughout the campaign. Tailoring approaches to adapt to different campaigns and audiences allow for a better user experience, which facilitate and increase donations. Customising also means targeting audiences on their preferred channels, for example the younger generation, less likely to set up standing donations, can be reached via mobile friendly campaigns via social media. Using white label platforms means that charities have access to well designed and user friendly donation forms that have been tried and tested with positive results.

4. Increase in Gift Aid. Using a white label platform will increase the amount received via Gift Aid. This is for two reasons: one, because the charity can make the Gift Aid option more prominent on their website and two, because they will receive 100% of the Gift Aid rather than paying a fee to the platform. With an estimated £560 million of Gift Aid left unclaimed each year, increasing the visibility on the donation site is key. Some sites deduct their fee from Gift Aid and the donations to cover their costs.

5. Crowdfunding campaigns. The number of individuals initiating crowdfunding campaigns on behalf of charities is growing, especially among younger fundraisers. This development makes it necessary for charities to enable their supporters to create crowdfunding campaigns on the website of the charity. This leads to the creation of new relationships with the peers of the supporter, and receiving even more donations as there are no fees charged. Through crowdfunding campaigns created directly on their site, charities not only build an online community, but also reinforce their relationship with the fundraiser who initiated the campaign.

In the crowded charity sector, how do you make your charity stand out and why should donors give to you? The more that a charity can do to engage with individual donors on their own terms, the more likely those individuals are to dedicate greater amounts of time or money. This knowledge of engaging with donors is what white label platforms live and breathe.

Leontine Vreeke
International Sales Manager NL B UK
Email: lvreeke@iraiser.eu
Tel: +44 203 7977 868
UK Office: 163 City Rd, Hoxton, London EC1V 1NR

"Our passion at iRaiser is to help nonprofits raise more money and increase their positive impact. We are specialists in online donations, made up of 40 employees coming from 16 different countries and backgrounds, from fundraisers to PhDs in artificial intelligence, human sciences and statistics. We are focused on increasing conversion rates, the average donation, lowering the churn-rate, and providing an ethical experience for donors and charities. We encourage our customers to use the donor data we provide to develop better donor journeys, leading to better donor experiences, building active online communities, and raising more money for their cause. Because online fundraising goes beyond simply asking for money."
                        - Antoine Martel, CEO of iRaiser

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