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Kate Sayer: Getting expenses right

It might sound easy, but there are dangers for charities that do not have effective expenses policies

Joe Saxton: The outcome of the Sorp governance review is good news for donors

The review's recommendations could help to make information on charities in the public domain more accurate

How to steal from charities... and how you can stop it

From ransomware to shoplifting, here are five common ways in which criminals defraud charities

Income is up, but so is expenditure

Third Sector's exclusive research on the biggest charity brands shows that their spending is increasing more rapidly than their income

Don Bawtree: New guidance from the Financial Reporting Council

Plus: fraud in the charity sector

Is it right to ask auditors to 'police' the charity sector?

Some fear new proposals will harm the relationship between auditor and charity, reports Liam Kay

Vicky Browning: Shining a light on the great work charities do

Charity communications professionals must work closely with finance departments to highlight annual reports and accounts, writes our columnist

How to avoid becoming the next Concern Worldwide

The direct debit problems experienced by the poverty organisation can be prevented by taking a few simple steps, writes Scott Gray of the charity payment provider Rapidata Services

FD in Five Minutes: Eamonn McKee of Nicva

The finance manager at the Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action says he hopes registering with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland won't have any accounting effect

Don Bawtree: Public benefit reporting falls short

Only 35 per cent of charities met the reporting requirements in their most recent accounts, writes our finance expert

Don Bawtree: Good news on audit requirements

For many, this deregulation will be welcome, writes our finance expert

After BeatBullying, is more guidance needed on being a 'going concern'?

BeatBullying was deemed a going concern, meaning that it should be able to operate for the foreseeable future, but came to grief a few months later. Sam Burne James reports

FD In Five Minutes: Steve Webster of Fight for Sight

The director of finance at the sight loss charity says he enjoys working for a small organisation where everyone is prepared to 'roll their sleeves up' and help each other out

Simon Atkins: How to prepare for the withdrawal of the Financial Reporting Standard for Smaller Entities

Smaller charities might consider bypassing the FRSSE Sorp and turn straight to the full standard instead, writes the accountancy expert

Analysis: Working around the Sorp 'gain or loss' requirement

Charities must now state net gains or losses on investments above income or spend. Sam Burne James reports

Don Bawtree: Is it time to reveal charity audit reports?

Trustees must learn from Tesco's recent accounting error and ensure they understand financial risk areas, writes our columnist

Analysis: Colleges come to terms with transparency on trustee pay

Oxford, Cambridge and Durham colleges may have to disclose the salaries of some senior staff under the charity Sorp, leaving them open to poaching from other institutions. Sam Burne James reports

Don Bawtree: Be prepared to look beyond the Sorp

A change to the overarching FRS 102 accounting standard has been proposed, and HMRC has released its latest list of 'deliberate tax defaulters', writes our finance expert

Don Bawtree: Recent developments show the importance of managing tax well

A number of recent stories serve as a reminder to charities that they should manage their tax affairs seriously - and view them as both an opportunity and a risk, writes our finance expert

Kate Sayer: Seven steps for a successful financial strategy

Implementing a robust risk management plan means charities can do without large reserves, according to the partner at accountancy firm Sayer Vincent

Don Bawtree says it's not all about changes to the Sorp

The lead partner for charities at accountants BDO LLP provides an update on charity finance

Caron Bradshaw: Freedom of information is turning up the temperature

Margaret Hodge's suggestion that charities delivering public services should have 'open book accounting' raises some important questions

Creative accounting is rare, but let's not be complacent

The new Sorp should include a message that will put a firm brake on misleading accounting practices, writes Ray Jones

A second Sorp helps small charities with disclosures

Ray Jones explains the Sorp commisson's recommendation to have two new accounting standards, rather than one

Accounting, like pancakes, should keep local flavours

Grant regimes, funding models and reporting requirements are all made more complex by the absence of an agreed financial planning and reporting framework, writes Caron Bradshaw

Related-party transactions can adversely affect profit

Managing conflicts of interest could be the next hot topic for accounting disclosures, says Ray Jones

We could learn much from the private sector on pay

The private sector can teach us something about remuneration, writes Ray Jones

Choose new trustees with care - and welcome them

Many new trustees want to get involved straight away, because that is what they are used to, writes Peter Gotham

If you feel it's OK to submit accounts late - think again

Trustees must recognise that true and fair reporting might mean more than compliance, writes Ray Jones

The Sorp revision: Have your say

By finance expert Don Bawtree

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