Annual report: The Leprosy Mission

The international development charity that helps people with leprosy uses its annual report to attract new funding

The Leprosy Mission's annual review
The Leprosy Mission's annual review

Organisation: The Leprosy Mission

Agency: Paper Rhino

Spend: £1,080 (design cost)

The Leprosy Mission is an international development charity working in 12 countries in Africa and Asia. It helps people who are affected by leprosy by offering reconstructive surgery, treating complications and addressing the stigma of the disease.

- Format and audience

The 20-page review is aimed at the Leprosy Mission's trustees, partners and supporters. It is also to be used to attract new funding, either through corporate sponsorship or from individual donors.

- Design and content

The report gives the charity a human face by making good use of large photographs of the people it works with, but it is a shame that more personal stories are not included. Highlights from the year are listed throughout the document and a summary of financial information is also given. The report's design, with clear sub-headings and boxes with quotes, makes it easy to dip into.

- Cost and practicalities

The print run was 2,000 and there is a link to an e-edition on the charity's website.

- What is distinctive about it?

The report is clean and uncluttered, and ties together the various aspects of the charity's work by heading sections with words beginning with the letter C - Change, Connections, Communities, Champion, Contribute and Challenges.

- The Leprosy Mission says:

"In planning the review, we looked at best practice and decided we had to do more than just report back on our finances and actions. We had to show that what we do changes lives. In creating calls to action throughout the report, we seek to engage further with new corporate sponsors and donors."


Design: 4
Readability: 4
Content: 3
Transparency: 3

Total: 14 OUT OF 20

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