Stephen Cook

Contributing Editor, Third Sector
Royal Albert Hall

Government misses target for decision on Albert Hall case

The Attorney General's office said in September that it expected to make a decision by the end of the autumn

Stephen Cook: The banning of Chris Stoddard is a boost for fundraising

His methods were cynical, ruthless and questionable

Royal Albert Hall accepts trustees have a conflict of interest

With the hall's annual meeting taking place next week, it has achieved some common ground with the Charity Commission, but they differ on the nature of the conflict and whether the hall needs to change its constitution

Attorney General withdraws consent for Albert Hall case to go to charity tribunal

The move comes after the charity threatened to seek a judicial review of Jeremy Wright's earlier decision

Ex-president of Royal Albert Hall urges current incumbent to avert legal action

Richard Lyttelton has written to current president Jon Moynihan, suggesting he work constructively with the Charity Commission, which is referring its case on the charity's governance to the charity tribunal

The ups and downs of the Shawcross years

After more than five years as chair of the Charity Commission, William Shawcross steps down at the end of January. Stephen Cook looks back on a tenure that has won praise from government but heavy criticism from within the charity sector

Stephen Cook: A farewell to Shawcross

The outgoing chair of the Charity Commission might have fared better had he been less colourful and a bit more boring, writes Third Sector's contributing editor

Attorney General sends Royal Albert Hall affair to the charity tribunal

In a little-used provision of charity law, Jeremy Wright QC says the potential conflict of interest identified by the Charity Commission should be considered by the tribunal

Hodgson questions when the Attorney General will respond to Albert Hall row

The Conservative peer tables a question in the House of Lords regarding the dispute between the charity and the regulator

Baroness Warsi

Commission has a 'disproportionate focus on Muslim charities', says Baroness Warsi

The Conservative peer says this has happened since William Shawcross took over as chair in 2012; the regulator refutes the claim and says it does not recognise the figures quoted by Warsi

How a tragedy led to crisis and rebellion at the NCT

The tragic death in 2015 of a child in a cot co-branded by the National Childbirth Trust sparked a revolt at the charity that is still reverberating. Stephen Cook reports.

Stephen Cook: Cool heads notable by their absence at NCT

The parenting charity's leadership followed highly questionable advice in forcing trustees to resign after the death of a baby in a cot co-branded by the NCT, writes our contributing editor

'Forced out' National Childbirth Trust president re-elected to the post

Seána Talbot has said that she was pressured into resigning last year after the charity co-branded a cot in which a child died in 2015

President of Albert Hall complains about regulator's handling of dispute

Jon Moynihan has written to the Charity Commission saying the venue has sought to avoid negotiation by media, but is disappointed the latter has shared information with the Telegraph

Last Night of the Proms

President of the Royal Albert Hall should resign, says one of his predecessors

Richard Lyttelton, president of the charity between 2010 and 2011, says the current incumbent, Jon Moynihan, should stand down because of the hall's governance row with the Charity Commission

Royal Albert Hall

Albert Hall governance row referred to Attorney-General

The Charity Commission has asked Jeremy Wright QC to intervene after trying for several years to persuade the hall to change its constitution

Sir Stephen Bubb

Bubb plots the way forward for Charity Futures

A year after stepping down as leader of the charity chief executives body Acevo, Sir Stephen Bubb says his new initiative is starting to take shape

Royal Albert Hall

Review of Albert Hall constitution delayed for a year

This means the dispute with the Charity Commission over governance of the hall will spill over into a 10th year

Jon Moynihan

President of Royal Albert Hall defends 'idiosyncratic' governance structure

Jon Moynihan says demands for reform from the Charity Commission are 'politically correct' and 'regrettable regulatory overreach'

Royal Albert Hall

Royal Albert Hall says it needs more time for constitutional review

It says it can't be finalised for its annual meeting in May and blames the delays on the Charity Commission and critical media stories