Matthew Sherrington

Matthew Sherrington

Matthew Sherrington: Look to the US with care, not envy

Fundraising might be in crisis in the UK, but our cousins across the pond don't necessarily hold the answers, writes our columnist

Dodgy charity practice masquerading as common practice needs rooting out

There's more to The Sunday Times's latest attack on charities than meets the eye, writes our columnist

Charities of convenience: causing confusion and a pickle for the sector

Perception is all-important for the sector when the essence of charities and their independence come under scrutiny, writes Matthew Sherrington

Comment: The public's love/hate for big charities and the danger of complacency

Figures seem to suggest that while people like the idea of small charities they give to the big, but is that the whole picture, asks our columnist

Will charities submit to being muzzled, as is expected of them?

The sector must get its act together if it is to provide effective opposition to government restrictions, says Matthew Sherrington

Charities need to step up in 2016 - and step back

#changedbycharity is the story, writes Matthew Sherrington

Matthew Sherrington

The power to speak truth to power

In the wake of attacks from politicians and the media, charities must still have the confidence to speak out, writes Matthew Sherrington

Matthew Sherrington

Matthew Sherrington: Boards and chiefs must embrace fundraisers and encourage them to ask well

Fundraisers should not be hung out to dry because of a media furore, writes our columnist

Matthew Sherrington

Our mission is to solve the unsolvable - so it's important that we learn from our failures

But failure's not just about mistakes - it's also about trying and learning from what works and what doesn't

Matthew Sherrington

The tragic Olive Cooke case requires mature reflection, not knee-jerk responses

Charities weren't to blame for the poppy seller's death, but fundraisers should nevertheless caution against business as usual

Matthew Sherrington

We must decide what charity stands for in the 21st century: trickle-down or real change?

Charity is an expression of people's engagement with society - the sector should remember that and stand up for it, writes our columnist

Matthew Sherrington

Saying one thing over and over is effective - but what should it be?

Should it be a message of crushing helplessness and dependence that provokes pity and patronising help? Absolutely not, writes our columnist

Matthew Sherrington

Matthew Sherrington: Scotland - it was feelings wot won it. Remember that, charities

The public aren't really as interested in our campaigns as we are - so instead of trying to explain every last detail, charities should focus on appealing to people's emotions, according to our columnist

When it comes to social ills, prevention is better than cure, writes Matthew Sherrington

Matthew Sherrington: It's official - preventing poverty is not charitable

The Canadian government's decision to deny non-profit status to Oxfam Canada might seem absurd, but UK charities cannot simply laugh it off, writes our columnist

Staff from across the sector must work together to raise morale, writes Matthew Sherrington

Matthew Sherrington: 'I am a proud fundraiser - but saying it out loud feels a little bit chippy to me'

Charity staff from all departments are feeling insecure and undervalued; so we should be supporting each other instead of creating divisions, writes our columnist

Reaching total consensus within a team doesn't always mean a better result, writes Matthew Sherrington

Why do we find consultation and decision-making so hard?

Changing the world is an urgent task - sometimes you just have to get on with it or you'll miss the moment, writes Matthew Sherrington

Matthew Sherrington

Matthew Sherrington: Shock, sex and rivalry - do campaigns need to be controversial to work?

Campaigns on female genital mutilation, the dangers of Aids and the intractability of pancreatic cancer were launched recently: Matthew Sherrington argues that what works isn't always what's right, and that charities have to make hard decisions