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Welcome to the Third Sector Career Development page where you will find advice to help you develop your career, from top tips for career progression to access to live career Q&A sessions.

Third Sector Podcast: Neurodiversity in the charity workforce

Lucinda and Emily learn about the strengths of and difficulties faced by neurodivergent employees

Podcast transcript: In conversation with a charity leadership coach

Lucinda and Rory hear about boards, burnout and career development culture

Third Sector Podcast: In conversation with a charity leadership coach

Lucinda and Rory hear about boards, burnout and career development culture

Top mistakes to avoid when recruiting

Promotion from Third Sector Jobs

Hiring is a costly process and getting the wrong person on board not only dents the bottom line but morale too. Here are some tips to ensure you select the right person while minimising recruitment errors.

Preparing for promotion? 10 things you can start doing now

Promotion from Third Sector Jobs

With perseverance, dedication and the right attitude, it’s possible to land that promotion. Here are some top tips to help ensure they pick you.

Dowshan Humzah: Why is charity viewed as the private and public sectors’ poor relation?

The Covid-19 pandemic helped to spell out the true value of charities. It is now time to push for greater recognition and improved perception

What is it like to work at Skylarks Charity?

Promotion from Skylarks Charity

From meeting inspiring children and families to watching them grow and flourish, Aaron Guiver describes why Skylarks is such a rewarding charity to work for.

Martin Baker: Coaching is a benefit not a punishment

Good leaders don’t tell you what to do, they help you find the answers yourself

Age UK: Where every employee has an equal opportunity to succeed

Promotion from Age UK

We spoke to Anne-Marie James, EDI workforce development lead at Age UK, about how and why they’re putting ED&I at the heart of their recruitment and retention strategy.

The pandemic has evolved Age UK’s growing national services team. Here’s how to join...

Promotion from Age UK

Alasdair Stewart, head of national services at Age UK, reveals how the pandemic has led to a surge in demand, team growth and talent attraction.

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