New Laws And Regulations For Charities

Advice and commentary on new laws and regulations and what they mean for charities.

Ian MacQuillin: Fundraisers must fight hard to resist restrictions on what they do

The government and the regulator have a vision for the charity sector that is ideologically opposed to the one it has for itself

Rebecca Cooney: The National Trust deserves better than Baroness Stowell

Baroness Stowell’s comments about the National Trust may not have been as extreme as the Telegraph made them out to be, but they were still unhelpful and politically motivated

Debra Allcock Tyler: Face it – this government and regulator just aren’t that into us

Charities must not depend on the attention of those who don't value our work

Sarah Atkinson: 'My six-month plan did not include a global pandemic'

After 13 years at the Charity Commission, Sarah Atkinson has jumped the fence to become a charity chief executive. As a social mobility crisis looms, Rebecca Cooney finds out why she’d rather be in the room where it happens

Forced labour and charity products - what are charities' responsibilities?

A plea for help in a charity Christmas card sparked an investigation into Chinese factory conditions by the retailer Tesco. Rebecca Cooney asks what charities can do if they find themselves caught up in similar situations

Third Sector Podcast #10: Qualifications

In the latest Third Sector Podcast, we cover qualifications, Brexit and what happens when your small charity goes viral

Mark Flannagan: The attitude that it's not fair if charities are 'attacked' is deeply frustrating

The Charity Commission is not our friend; it is the regulator working to fix the problems some charities have created for the rest of the sector

Debra Allcock Tyler: The commission should not be a slave to public opinion

Asking people what they think is not necessarily irrelevant, but using it as the primary basis for policy-making is a recipe for disaster

Andy Hillier: Is a new charity regulator needed more than a new strategy?

It's hard to see how the Charity Commission can achieve the stated aims of its latest strategy given its constraints

RNIB: Moving on from crisis

Since April, the 150-year-old sight-loss charity the RNIB has been confronted with a Charity Commission investigation, the resignation of its chief executive and tumbling finances. Peter Stanford meets the woman who plans to get it back on track