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Seb Elsworth: Covid-19 has accelerated social investment trends that were already in place

While the pandemic has dominated our lives and the work of our sector over the past 10 months, not everything has changed

Seb Elsworth: The paradox of enterprise grants

Used well, grants can help more charities and social enterprises develop their income levels

Seb Elsworth: All foundations can do more to align their investments with their mission

Transparency is key to avoiding reputational harm, and overcoming the information imbalance that can make investment activity appear so specialised

Seb Elsworth: Financing the recovery from Covid-19

Investment itself will only be part of the support that charities and social enterprises need as part of a longer-term partnerships with investors

Seb Elsworth: Long-term government subsidies could offer vital support to the capital needs of the sector

The patient and flexible approach of the Futurebuilders fund to lending money is a key lesson for the social investment ecosystem

Seb Elsworth: The challenges and opportunities of place-based funding

As the government looks to level up the country, boosting the social economy in local communities couldn’t be more timely

Seb Elsworth: Social enterprises can play a unique role in helping employment bounce back from Covid-19

Danny Kruger’s review of the charity sector and Covid-19 recovery offers a unique opportunity to make the case for our sector

Seb Elsworth: Why the sector needs patient finance now more than ever

Organisations might have business models that require long-term, patient finance, but that doesn’t mean they are aware of it or understand how it works

Kate Rogers: Careful cash-flow planning and a diverse approach should help charities weather the coronavirus storm

Where possible, charities with investments must look beyond the downward spiral of pessimism and fear

Seb Elsworth: Where a loan might help, and where it might not

During this pandemic, a loan might help a charity get through the coming weeks and months. But they are not suitable for everyone

Seb Elsworth: Project or organisations first?

Everyone would benefit if foundations were clearer about whether they wanted to fund specific projects or support the development of organisations

Seb Elsworth: Welcome to the third decade of social investment

Changes are needed if social investment is to prosper in the next 10 years