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How to steal from charities... and how you can stop it

From ransomware to shoplifting, here are five common ways in which criminals defraud charities

Mark Morton: Why we chose an open source website

Platforms like Wordpress and Drupal, which are maintained by a community of users, can be a cost-effective and flexible option for charities, writes the digital media manager at Epilepsy Action

John Simcock: How to stop your technology projects going wrong

The government was once criticised for its delayed, cancelled and compromised IT projects, but recently there have been some good examples that charities could learn from, says the charity IT expert

To combat fraud, you need the right rules and policies

Staff can defraud an organisation of time as well as money; so it is important to have clear codes of conduct, writes Gill Taylor

Analysis: Crunching the numbers for charity

Big data - the gathering and analysis of large sets of figures - is playing an increasing part in business decision-making. Jenna Pudelek finds out, with two case studies, how it can help make charities more effective

IT Basics 6: The death of email?

Does the growth of unified communications mean that email's days are numbered? IT consultant John Dryden doubts it

Using software to develop understanding in charities

Finance staff have too often been ensconced in ivory towers where they work their magic, says Peter Gotham

IT Basics 5: Business continuity

How to keep your IT systems working when the worst happens, by IT consultant John Dryden

Producing a business case for cloud computing - what are the benefits?

In this second article, Peter Groucutt outlines some of the benefits charities should expect from a migration to cloud computing

Cloud computing - a case of faith, hope and charity?

In the first of two articles, Peter Groucutt gives an insight into what cloud computing can do for charities

IT Basics 4: Using IT to build your brand

The internet can be used to develop your brand if used correctly, writes IT consultant Andrew Brenson

IT Basics 3: To outsource or not to outsource?

The most successful outsourcing arrangements are based on partnership and genuine mutual benefit, writes IT consultant Andrew Brenson

IT Basics 2: The importance of IT

IT consultant Andrew Brenson looks at why charities invest so little in technology

IT Basics 1: Securing your charity's IT systems

Advances in technology mean that data can be lost more easily, says IT consultant Andrew Brenson

Is your system really the problem, or just an excuse?

A new IT system might not solve all your problems, says Helen Simmons, finance director at the Diocese of London

Good practice: Getting the most out of your IT

Putting in place an efficient and cost-effective IT system can seem like a daunting and expensive task for many charities. David Ainsworth lists six simple solutions from the specialists, while related articles profile Richard Craig of the Charity Technology Trust and address data security and online fundraising

Interview: Richard Craig

The Charity Technology Trust chief executive tells David Ainsworth how IT can be a strategic tool

Charities play catch-up with online fundraising

The gurus say charities are mostly failing to make the most of giving on the web. Sophie Hudson asks them for the remedy

Safeguarding the data of donors and users

All organisations have to ensure the data they collect is secure, but charities often deal with particularly sensitive information. Mathew Little looks at how they can protect themselves

What technologies can I use to support people with impaired vision?

Robin Christopherson, head of digital inclusion at AbilityNet, details the options available for those with vision impairment

IT Helpdesk: Updating Websites

If you need to update an exisiting website, it doesn't have to be expensive, says Anne Stafford of iT4Communities

IT Helpdesk: Accessing Guidance

If you need to make wholesale changes to your IT, there are plenty of sources of good advice, says Anne Stafford of iT4Communities

IT helpdesk: Networks

If your network needs replacing, consider a move to cloud computing, says Anne Stafford of iT4Communities

IT Helpdesk: Databases

If you're building a database, it may not be the best option to start from scratch, says Anne Stafford

IT Helpdesk: Email Newsletters

If you plan to send out bulk emails, don't use your regular system, says Anne Stafford

IT Helpdesk: Improving accessibility

There are several resources for improving your site for disabled users, says Anne Stafford

IT Helpdesk: Backing up data

Online storage is becoming affordable and secure, says Anne Stafford

Case Study: How charity landlord Can provides IT to shared offices

Sharing IT services with other charities offers economies of scale - and there are ways to address security concerns

Case Study: The technology behind retail Gift Aid

Gift Aid on donations in charity shops requires investment in technology and training, but it will make money and boost your donor database

Case Study: How the Woodland Trust improved the eco-friendly nature of its IT

The charity is aiming to cut the power use of its computer systems by over 40 per cent

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