• 09:00 - Registration
  • 09:30 - Welcome from Third Sector
    Andy Hillier, Editor - Third Sector
  • 09:35 - Chair’s opening remarks and overview trust in the charity sector
    Why effective communication in a crisis is more important than ever with a higher level of public accountability and increased media scrutiny
    Phil Hall, chairman, The PHA Group
  • 09:40 - Staff and volunteer conduct: dealing with the fallout from the RNLI pornographic mug scandal

    Key points:
    Ensuring a code of conduct for all staff and volunteers to prevent issues arising and maintain public trust in standards
    Investigation under time pressure and the RNLI response to the crisis
    Addressing the media fallout from dismissing staff and standing down volunteers to avoid prolonging the crisis
    Informing and equipping staff and volunteers to respond to the public after a crisis
    Isla Reynolds, senior media engagement manager, RNLI
    Jess Noble, internal communications manager, RNLI
  • 10:00 - Presentation: Delivering an empathetic response to a crisis

    Key points:
    Delivering a swift response to a specific crisis in coordination with your legal team
    Guidance on balancing empathy and sincerity in response to crises with legal responsibility
    Pre-empting the secondary effects of a crisis and being aware of the implications for staff, contracts and finances
    Stuart Thomson, head of public affairs, BDB Pitmans
  • 10:20 - Interview: Communication with the press in a crisis - why honesty is the best policy

    Key points:
    Creating a dialogue with journalists in a crisis to lead the conversation
    Tips for distinguishing a crisis from negative coverage
    Effectively preparing staff for communication with the media
    Considering privacy and protecting personal information in a crisis
    Phil Hall, chairman, The PHA Group
    Tom Warren, investigative reporter, BuzzFeed News
    Claire Grindal, head of media, Alzheimer's Society
  • 10:40 - Spotless: the role of brand in defending your reputation in times of crisis

    Key points:
    Can you combat negative press through consistent positive coverage before a crisis?
    What is brand and how can you use it to protect against crises?
    Developing a powerful brand for public and member support in times of crisis
    Max du Bois, Executive Director, Spencer du Bois
  • 11:00 - Working with internal teams, agencies and regulators in a crisis

    Key points:
    Using guidance from communications experts to improve your crisis plan
    Working with other teams within your organisation to prevent, report and address crises
    Hannah Richards, head of communications, Care International UK
    Mark Flannagan, director of marketing and communications, Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust
    Phil Hall, chairman, The PHA Group
    Sarah Miller, head of communications, NHS Clinical Commissioners
  • 11:30 - Chair’s closing remarks
    Phil Hall, chairman, The PHA Group
  • 11:45 - CLOSE OF THE EVENT
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