Cyber security for charities part 1: Emerging threats and how to spot them

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Becca K, charity sector resilience lead, NCSC, explains the current cyber threats charities face and how to spot them, as part of a four-part cyber security series.

Cyber attacks can be devastating both financially and reputationally, but many charities may not realise how vulnerable they are to the threat.

In fact, a recent survey by Third Sector and NCSC with over 120 charities, revealed that one in five perceive cyber security to be a low priority in their organisation, and only half of respondents are fully aware of of the potential consequences of a cyber attack on charities, leaving the other half wide open to emerging threats.

In this video, the first in a four-part cyber security series produced by Third Sector Insight, in partnership with the NCSC, we interviewed Becca K, charity sector resilience lead, NCSC, to discover:

  • Emerging cyber threats that charities might face and how to spot them.

  • How vulnerable are charities to cyber attacks and how has this evolved?

  • How can charities spot an attack and keep pace with emerging threats?

The NCSC offers a range of cyber security advice and guidance for charities including how to mitigate malware and ransomware attacks, cyber security guidance for boards and a cyber security guide for small charities.

Click here to sign up for the NCSC early warning service and receive alerts about potential security issues affecting your network.

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Cyber security for charities: Insights and guidance

Not everyone is working for the greater good: cyber criminals are targeting charities. We're seen as data-heavy and vulnerable. That's why Third Sector, in partnership with the National Cyber Security Centre, has collated advice, insight and guidance to help you take simple steps to staying more secure, so you can better and more easily understand the risks and prepare appropriately. 

Visit the content hub here.


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