Our Embracing Digital First experiences in the Charity Sector briefing will feature case studies to help you outline the best way to get the most out of digital, thought-provoking panel discussions on what digital can do for your customers and a masterclass on industry research.

10:00 Welcome from Third Sector and Introduction

Emily Burt, Editor, Third Sector

10:10 A quick snapshot of the data from Salesforce’s Non-profit Experience report

Discover what almost 5000 respondents had to say about the digital donor experience and gain key takeaways from the surprising results

10:20 Digital download workshop


  • Learn first hand tips about how to weave digital first experiences into every aspect of your organisation
  • Discover how to invest in digital on a budget
  • Learn about how to ensure your workforce are bought into a collaborative approach to considering best practice stakeholder experiences

Zoe Amar, Founder and Director, Zoe Amar Digital

10:35 Session break

10:40 How a UK organisation managed digital experiences during lockdown

  • Outlining the challenges and opportunities that came out of having to pivot to digital first service delivery
  • Addressing internal concerns around effective engagement and connection

11:00 Session break

11:10 Does the charity sector lack the skills in house to effectively deliver digital experiences that rival those found in a commercial business?

Panel Discussion

11:45 Closing remarks

12:00 Close of briefing

Emily Burt, Editor, Third Sector