Expert Report: Donating Trends in the UK

Third Sector partners with leading research agency Harris Interactive to conduct in-depth research and produce a comprehensive report that examines current donating trends in the UK.

The report looks at and compares data from previous years (2016 onwards) to see how public perception and giving habits have changed over time and to identify continuing and emerging trends.

This detailed analysis will look at the ways people prefer to donate and uncover real-world motivations for giving. It will also answer many of the most pertinent questions the third sector faces and will be a key tool for every charity’s marketing and supporter-engagement strategy in 2019-2020.

The report covers:

  • Donating trends in each region of the UK, compared year-on-year
  • Why people choose to (or not) donate, drawing out differences between men and women, age groups, regions and social groups
  • People's perceptions of charity and levels of public trust
  • Supporter preferences for donating methods (including online) and more…

View a sample of the report now >>>