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Charity Finance Good Practice

Kill zombie projects and review your targets: How charities can act now to protect their finances

Even charities with large reserves expect to be severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Liam Kay reports on the tough calls necessary for facing the future

FD in Five Minutes: Paul Butler

Third Sector speaks to the director of finance and operations at Auditory Verbal UK, the charity for children with hearing loss

Don Bawtree: Trustees and auditors need to raise their game

Also: changes to the Sorp committee, Brexit and transparency reporting

Third Sector Awards 2019: Enterprise Award - Stonewall Equality

Awarded to a social enterprise or charity that has significantly improved its income from its commercial activities in recent years

Third Sector Awards 2019: Finance Team of the Year - Sarcoma UK

Awarded to the finance team that has displayed exceptional financial leadership by, for example, improving the charity's financial performance or by helping it to overcome significant challenges

Third Sector Awards 2019: Marketing Campaign of the Year - Islamic Relief UK for Ramadan Campaign 2018

Awarded to a charity with the best marketing campaign. Examples might include the successful marketing of an organisation's products, services or membership programmes

Four ways to cut costs (without harming the front line)

Doing more for less is tricky to achieve. Liam Kay explores how charities can get more bang for their buck and keep more money for their charitable work

Making a Difference Locally: The funder turning pennies into projects

Rebecca Cooney finds out how Making a Difference Locally is living up to its name

Focus On... Investment

Rethinking the 'rainy day' myths of charity reserves

Trustees can’t spend them, funders won’t pay for them – why the reserves narrative needs a refresh

Could social investment be the answer to your funding crisis?

Only 4,000 or so charities and social enterprises have accessed social investment, but the experts claim there is much more money to be had. Andy Ricketts reports

Seb Elsworth: Championing equality and diversity through social investment

Social investment can help equalities organisations, but has to do more to address diversity in the social investment sector

Nicola Steuer: Do social enterprises hold the answer to the sector's diversity problem?

People from minority backgrounds and marginalised communities have been able to fill leadership roles in social enterprises far more easily than at charities

Kate Rogers: Investment can join the war on climate change

And here are three ways you can help

Kate Rogers: Why a patient investor is a very wise investor

Don't get carried away by euphoria or panic when investing