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Using data to solve society’s toughest problems

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Trailblazing technology can reveal vital insights

Donor Pulse Spring Edition 2022

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Insights and answers to help charities with their fundraising strategy and campaigns, including balancing ongoing concerns about Covid and the cost of living

Social value is top of the agenda for 2022, so how can charities benefit?

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Public-sector contracts must now factor in social impact – which is good news for those seeking to attract more corporate support.

Pay.UK – the next step in Bacs’ evolution

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How to make digital transformation happen fast (and get everyone at your charity on board)

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Experts from Oxfam America and ITK Solutions recently revealed how to successfully roll out a new digital system – we share their key insights.

The digital fundraising difference: how smart nonprofits are pulling ahead

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Industry professionals from Animal Free Research UK, Blackbaud, Manifesto and Rambert on how charities can use digital innovation to gain supporters and hit fundraising targets.

How attractive is your charity to CSR partners?

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We explore what corporates are really looking for in a modern CSR partnership – and how non-profits can maximise their appeal to potential supporters.

Is gaming the next big thing in individual giving?

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Five things you need to know about live stream fundraising

Charity retailers: don’t miss your chance to upskill with Charity Connect

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Applications are now open for eBay for Charity’s free digital training programme, Charity Connect – get in touch by 15 August to bag a place.

How donor behaviour is evolving as we start to emerge from the pandemic

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Our changing times continue to have a major impact on how, where and why we give, as Enthuse’s latest research reveals. From who’s donating most widely to the need for ‘flexible fundraising’, read on for the key trends.

Is your charity missing out on the opportunities of the Social Value Act?

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Only a few charities are tapping into the benefits offered by the Social Value Act enhancements that came into effect in early 2021. So, what do the changes mean for your charity – and how can you leverage this new opportunity for corporate support?

Bridging the supporter-recipient gap: five ways charities can get the right help from businesses

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Too often, there’s a disconnect between what the private sector offers charities, and what charities really need – so how can non-profits build successful partnerships with corporate supporters?

Doing more with less: what charities should prioritise now to survive and thrive post-Covid

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We asked leading industry experts how non-profits can make the most of their existing people and resources as we emerge from the pandemic.

What digital fundraising and event microsites can do for your charity

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Could a fundraising microsite help increase your organisation’s donations and build your brand? And what does a great site look like?

The two steps every grant-maker can take to transform the non-profit sector

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Grant-making organisations are uniquely placed to help the non-profit sector evolve and meet the needs of our fast-changing world, says Jonny Elliot, non-profit strategic industry adviser at

Calling on charities and community groups: help tackle waste in North London

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Want to help tackle the rising tide of rubbish? Apply for a North London Waste Authority grant by 7 May, and your community anti-waste project could receive vital funding.

Expert reports

Five hidden ways digital transformation can empower charities

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"Digital systems and cloud operations are the next frontier for charities". Download this report, published in partnership with Unit4, to explore 5 hidden ways that digital transformation can empower your charity and the key gains that can be achieved.

6 ways to deepen your digital relationship with fundraisers

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So how can charities boost fundraising efforts by strengthening their digital relationships with supporters? Download this report, published in partnership with non-profit online platform People’s Fundraising, to discover six steps to ensure better online experiences for fundraisers and robust, recurring revenue generation for charities.

Five ways charities can benefit from better technology

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In this rapidly changing landscape, the use of technology is key. Yet 51 per cent of charities don't have a digital strategy. Download this report, created in partnership with cloudThing, to learn how you can benefit from better technology and find ways to boost your engagement, productivity and much more

How to get the most from Giving Tuesday: report

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More than half of charities surveyed recently by Third Sector say they need to make more of Giving Tuesday. Download this free report, created in partnership with, to explore how to do this, find practical advice to make the day a success, and what charities are already doing for this increasingly popular day.

Charities and coronavirus: weathering the storm

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Download this free report, created in partnership with GoodBox, to explore what we can learn from how charities coped during previous economic crises, consider a post-coronavirus fundraising landscape, and look at how technology can aid recovery in the third sector.

8 ways behavioural insights can maximise your digital fundraising

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Many charity fundraisers are unaware of how a few simple changes to the way they communicate with supporters could significantly boost donations. Read this Third Sector Insight expert report, produced in partnership with Fat Beehive, to find out more.


How to keep your charity cyber safe

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How to upskill your charity digitally in 2022

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How non-profit finance leaders can work smarter, not harder

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Join Third Sector's editor, Emily Burt, on 26 October for an hour-long session on how non-profit finance teams can make the most of their talent and resources.


Survey: How cyber security savvy are you?

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Help us to help you! Spare five minutes to assess your cyber security and be in with the chance of winning £150 Amazon voucher. Five runners up will win £200 donation to a charity of their choice.

Is your board cyber aware? Enter our survey and win £200 Amazon voucher

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Cyber security and the board room - how seriously do you take the risk? Enter our survey today for a chance to win £200 Amazon voucher.