Kelly Osbourne video that mentions Prince's Trust is pulled from St Tropez website

PinkStinks campaigners complained to the charity about 'cynical marketing campaign' by tanning products retailer

A video promoting self-tanning retailer St Tropez in which TV personality Kelly Osbourne discussed her support for the Prince's Trust has been removed from the firm's website after a complaint from campaigning group PinkStinks

The Prince's Trust has a partnership with St Tropez through which it receives £10 from the sale of each of the company's £45 bronzing sets. In a separate arrangement, reality TV star Osbourne is an ambassador for the charity.

In a video that was shown on the St Tropez website, Osbourne said using St Tropez products improved her self-esteem. She also said some of the proceeds from the sale of the products would be donated to the Prince's Trust.

Campaigners from PinkStinks, a social enterprise and campaigning group that lobbies against the stereotyping of young girls, wrote to the charity asking it to disassociate itself from the video because it appeared to be encouraging the message that fake tan could improve self-esteem.

The letter said: "By putting the trust's good name to this advertising we feel you are legitimising something that is nothing more than a cynical marketing campaign using female insecurities about appearance to sell unwanted and unnecessary products."

The video has been removed from the St Tropez website and the Prince's Trust has confirmed that it will no longer be connected to the firm's advertising campaign.

A Prince's Trust spokeswoman said Osbourne would continue to be an ambassador for the charity, its corporate partnership with St Tropez would continue and it would continue to receive funds from the sale of the £45 bronzing set.

Osbourne wrote on her Twitter page: "Heart broken over how the pinkstinks stops money from going to a charity that really needs it!"

She further posted a tweet saying: "I just feel like it was more of an attack on me rather then what it was representing and that is offensive."



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