The Lobbying Act

The latest developments to the Lobbying Act and the impact it will have on charity campaigning.

The Lobbying Act In Depth

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Lobbying Act News

Sherlock review of the lobbying act will recommend an increase in the cost thresholds

The Labour peer Baroness Sherlock is also understood to have concluded that clearer guidance on the regulation of campaigning should be produced; her review is published on Monday

Hodgson review launches online survey of lobbying act for third-party campaigners

The multiple-choice survey, which closes on 7 June, asks charities and campaigning organisations how helpful the guidance of regulators has been and what they have done differently as a result of the act

Arthritis Research UK and Friends of the Earth among latest to register as non-party campaigners

Thirteen charities are now among the 66 organisations that have so far registered with the Electoral Commission

Lord Hodgson hopes to publish his lobbying act review a year ahead of schedule

The Conservative peer tells a gathering that he will consult widely and will 'speak truth to power' on the controversial legislation

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