How to measure outcomes practical tools and tips 2015

Here's a sneak peak into some of our speakers' top tips for outcomes measurement:

Don’t start by asking ‘how can we demonstrate our value’, start by asking ‘how do we understand if we make a difference?’

Matt Barnard NSPCC

It is worth spending time clearly articulating who you are aiming to help, how, why, and what change looks like. Then find the right methods to demonstrate that change, and that's not always down to numbers.

David Hounsell The Children’s Society

My one piece of advice is to keep things simple: pick your most important impact area and focus on demonstrating that well. Charities can end up using so many indicators and then the real impact can get lost in a sea of words, whereas one strong value statement can have a much bigger impact on your audience.

Kat Harrison Solar Aid

It is better to measure one thing well, than ten things badly. Once you’ve got that, understand that social impact measurement is no weird mythical beast; it’s just another indicator of performance just like financial metrics or service user feedback. It needs to be brought into the heart of operational and senior management teams.

Kieron Kirkland Nominet Trust


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