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Rethinking the 'rainy day' myths of charity reserves

Trustees can’t spend them, funders won’t pay for them – why the reserves narrative needs a refresh

Kate Sayer: Risk management must be integrated into everyday work

Managers balance risks when they make decisions

Pesh Framjee: Adding value through risk management

In his latest article, Pesh Framjee considers how charities can appropriately manage risk

Kate Sayer: There's no simple answer to how much to keep in reserve

Charities need reserves to manage risks, but reserves are just one way of doing this, and financial resources might be the last resort

David Davison: Why charities should engage with the DWP's consultation on multi-employer pension schemes

The move could give member charities greater flexibility to exit these schemes, writes the head of the not-for-profit practice at Spence & Partners

Caron Bradshaw: What my twins taught me about risk management

When a charity runs into difficulty, its trustees must decide whether to roll up their sleeves and get involved or to hold back and trust the experts, writes our columnist

Caron Bradshaw: Banks must be held to account if they discard charity clients

With more conflict, increased threats of terrorism and further global instability, the risk-averse environment charities are operating in appears likely to be prolonged, writes our columnist

Kate Rogers: If we focus on volatility, we don't see the wood for trees

Charities invest for the long term - so the value of their assets on a daily, monthly, quarterly or even annual basis should not be a primary concern, writes our columnist

The Co-op's woes suggest a weakness in business skills

Charities can learn from the reported management and governance failings at the mutual organisation, writes Peter Gotham

Buildings insurance: check your cover, and know the tricks of the trade

Charities can find themselves tens of thousands of pounds out of pocket if disaster strikes and they don't have adequate policies. Patrick McCurry looks at the common pitfalls

When charities merge, they should check their insurance

Mergers can have significant implications for the liabilities of charities. Patrick McCurry looks at the potential complications

Preparing for a rise in insurance premiums

A competitive marketplace has kept the cost of charity insurance relatively low for a decade, but Mathew Little finds that some insurance experts believe the soft market will harden soon

Interview: Ashley Hepburn

The insurance manager of the British Red Cross reckons charities should take a more professional approach to risk and borrow ideas from other sectors

Donors want transparency from small charities as well

Financial management goes to the heart not only of the success of an organisation but also of people's trust in it, writes Caron Bradshaw

Quick thinking trumps box ticking in dealing with risk

Don't be paralysed by fear or try to avoid all risk, writes Caron Bradshaw

Raising your game 5: Risk management

By charity finance expert Paul Leigh

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