Street Fundraising

Good practice, case studies, expert advice and tips on street fundraising for charities, including the street fundraising code of practice.

Charity shops: Alive and thriving on the high street

The retail sector as a whole is struggling. Yet many charity shops are not only surviving, but growing their income. PJ White finds out what it takes to succeed

The door-to-door dilemma

Door-to-door fundraising is loathed by much of the public, but still brings in the money. Rebecca Cooney reports on what the future holds for the fundraising technique

Watch: Time to end door-to-door fundraising?

Following the RNLI's decision to end door-to-door fundraising, two sector experts give the case for and against

Analysis: The chuggers who came in from the cold

The difficulties of street and doorstep fundraising have prompted charities to explore the more lucrative ground inside shopping centres. Annette Rawstrone investigates the trend

Change makers: RNLI

We look at how the lifeboat charity launched the first-ever street collection for a charitable cause in 1891

Stephen Pidgeon: You have to raise money to spend it

Some trustees and chief executives view fundraising as an embarrassing black art, writes our columnist

Analysis: How effective is the penalty points system for street fundraising?

Rupert Tappin, director of the agency Future Fundraising, believes the system requires some changes, and Ian MacQuillin, head of communications at the PFRA, says it remains under review

Analysis: Doorstep fundraisers come under scrutiny

Charities are making increased use of doorstep fundraising, their strongest source of face-to-face sign-ups. But the increase in complaints has led to a plan to set up a tighter regulatory regime, as Jenna Pudelek discovers

Analysis: Why charities are shifting street fundraising in-house

The demise of some major agencies is one factor has contributed to an increase in direct employment

Analysis: FRSB investigates surge in complaints on email fundraising

Alistair McLean, chief executive of the regulator, says it will ask its members for reasons why people complain about email and doorstep fundraising

Analysis: Tag Campaigns declines to be monitored by the Fundraising Standards Board

The agency criticised for shortcomings in for its face-to-face fundraising says it will consider monitoring by the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association instead. Jenna Pudelek reports

Analysis: new deal promotes local voluntary agreements to control street fundraising

Some councils are sceptical about the deal, sealed last week by Paul Stallard of the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association and Mehboob Khan of the Local Government Association

Analysis: A first step towards clearer regulation for fundraising

The Hodgson review was deeply critical of confusion and duplication in the way fundraising complaints are dealt with. Jenna Pudelek examines how the three main bodies have responded and hears from the four key figures

Analysis: Face-to-face self-regulator rises to the challenge of Lord Hodgson

Jenna Pudelek looks at the history and rules of the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association, and lists the councils that have signed agreements

Analysis: Face-to-face - will self-regulation rule street fundraising?

The Public Fundraising Regulatory Association has helped to reduce complaints about street fundraising. Jenna Pudelek reports and, in a related article, looks at the origins of the PFRA and the debate about its future role

Debate: How should the sector reform the self-regulation of fundraising?

Lord Hodgson has called on the IoF, the FRSB and the PFRA to work together to clarify confusion over regulation

Debate: Does face-to-face fundraising favour volume at the expense of quality?

Street fundraising sign-ups rose by 40 per cent in 2011, but a survey indicates 30 per cent never make a payment

Analysis: PFRA recruitment and retention figures

Is face-to-face fundraising going for volume at the expense of quality? Jenna Pudelek reports

Analysis: Fundraising complaints - Are some methods being pushed too hard?

The Fundraising Standards Board's annual complaints report highlights persistent problems and new developments. Stephen Cook looks at direct mail and telephone calls and Jenna Pudelek reports on challenge events and email fundraising

Analysis: What does the closure of Gift Fundraising mean?

Dominic Will, who became joint managing director of the company last year, says he remains optimistic about street fundraising's future

Debate: Should charities be more vocal in defending face-to-face fundraising?

The PFRA was disappointed by the unwillingness of many to defend face-to-face on a recent Newsnight programme

Debate: Should charities avoid fundraising areas that lead to lots of complaints?

The Fundraising Standards Board's annual report shows recorded complaints about most types of fundraising are rising

Debate: Should charities employ their own chuggers instead of using agencies?

Three experts give their views on whether in-house fundraising teams mean happier fundraisers and donors

Debate: Will door-to-door fundraising become more prevalent than street fundraising?

Our recent poll found opinion was split, but what do the experts think? We asked three fundraising gurus

Hot issue: Should all street fundraising charities be PFRA members?

The Institute of Fundraising's revised code of practice on face-to-face activity no longer says charities should join the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association.

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