Event overview

With the increasing rise of technology, many charities are feeling left behind or in the dark on how technology can help them enhance the speed, efficiency and impact of their operations. This applies to both larger charities who are fighting slow and out-dated legacy processes, and smaller charities trying to break through with limited resources and tight budgets. Across the sector as a whole, not-for-profit organisations find themselves competing with the commercial sector for top digital talent to remain relevant, innovative and impactful in the digital age.

Third Sector’s inaugural Tech Summit will bring together senior leadership, product, technology and digital teams to discuss how to operate a successful modern charity. By leveraging the power of current and emerging technology, not-for-profits can improve their internal processes, boost efficiency, and reap the benefits of affordable tech solutions. With case studies from the leading charities in the digital space, charities can learn how to optimise the role of digital, attract and retain key digital talent, and be inspired by the extraordinary power of technology that holds a huge potential for the third sector.

Key Themes

  • Rethinking leadership skills for the digital age
  • Pinpointing key areas for digital development and transformation in your organisation
  • Shifting internal culture to combat risk-aversion
  • Understanding how to reap the benefits of collaboration for digital projects
  • Tapping into the enormous potential of both current and emerging tech to create lasting impact
  • Addressing the digital skills gap to increase your organisational capability

Why Attend

  • Generate an appetite for change and innovation in your organisation
  • Take away practical insights to improve and optimise your internal processes
  • Overcome the operational and logistical hurdles standing in the way of enhancing your digital strategy
  • Network with senior leadership and digital professionals in the Third Sector
  • Implement current and emerging tech solutions that make a real difference to your charity

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