09.00 Chair’s opening remarks

Emily Burt, Deputy Editor, Third Sector

09:05-09:25 FIRESIDE CHAT: Moving your digital transformation forward with purpose

The pandemic has forced charities to accelerate their implementation of digital tools and new tech in a way that no-one predicted 2 years ago. But where do we go from here?

  • How do digital tools and tech help to achieve your goals and what does that look like in strategy development?
  • Assessing where the gaps are and how fast you can or should make changes now
  • How can larger organisations work with smaller ones to help them navigate new tech challenges?

Interviewer: Emily Burt, Editor, Third Sector
Interviewee: Samir Patel, CEO, Comic Relief

09:30-09:50 Ensuring data fuels your charity’s outcomes rather than bringing it to its knees

Data is the driving force of any organisation as tech is only as good as the data you put in, so ensure it is working for you.

  • Understanding its role: what is data? Why is it important? How does it make a difference? How can it save time and money?
  • How to best integrate data stored across different systems to make it a valuable tool
  • Making data governance work
    • Making decisions about how you collect, store, retain or delete different information
    • How do you ensure that is all taken care of when people are working from home?
    • Are there ways to automate tasks that will build in data protection failsafes?
    • How can you effectively share data with your partners to deliver outcomes whilst protecting the information?
  • Ensuring staff understand their personal responsibility to keep data safe and secure no matter their role

Steve Smith, CEO, Havens Hospice

09:55-10:15 Building agility into financial operations to safeguard your future, benefit your people and the communities you serve

Technology can enable you to plan and analyse holistically, make realistic assessments of your situation, explore your options, and create a financial future that benefits your people, your organisation, and the communities you serve.

  • Why technology will be the most important element your long-term viability – especially as donor requirements for funding allocation become more stringent and service demands continue to rise
  • Using unified cloud platforms to allow one-stop access to data and create and recreate plans to accommodate changes to their circumstance, and leveraging the power of AI-backed solutions
  • Building the firm foundation, you’ll need to survive upcoming crises, or the flexibility you’ll need to change your plans or even your operating model in order to embrace new opportunities

Mark Gibbison, Head of Strategic Motions NB, Unit4

10:15-10:45 Break
10:45-11:10 Are you missing out on fundraising revenue by not using QR codes?

QR codes are a wonderful and flexible way for you to attract donations to your charities and organisations. Bopp is a platform which makes them accessible. In this session hear from Bopp's Chief Marketing Officer, Stephen Winyard, who will provide a presentation on the uses, benefits and innovation behind the newest and most exciting way to donate and fundraise.

Stephen Winyard, Chief Marketing Officer, Bopp

11:15-11:55 PANEL: Fulfilling staff needs in the hybrid environment to create strong, happy, productive teams

Staff needs have changed tremendously over the last 18 months – how can you ensure everyone can do their best work?

  • Making hybrid work for your teams
    • What tools are available beyond Zoom and Teams?
    • Ensuring leadership remains strong and communications clear
    • Recreating those all-important informal communications when you don’t see each other in person every day
  • Creating digital communities and workspaces to engage and support
    • How you use digital to have strong organisational cultures and connections
  • Recruitment and retention

Moderated by Emily Burt, Editor, Third Sector
Ama Afrifa-Tchie, Head of People, Wellbeing & Equity, MHFA England
Martin Campbell, Senior Director, Global Digital Platforms, World Vision International
Craig Jones, CEO, Royal Osteoporosis Society
Damian Smith, Chief Technology Officer, Podium Analytics

12:00-12:20 Leading your organisation through a tech transformation and change programme

The role we all have to play in any major change programme is a leadership one, so having the confidence and ability to ask the key questions to ensure you deliver impact for your organisation, your users, supporters, service users and beyond is vital....

Drawing on their experience and recent case studies, Rebecca and Lou will share the top questions they always ask their clients and project teams when embarking on a major tech change journey:

  • What's the inherited technological debt we need to understand and the gap to close for our vision to be realised?
  • What structures, skills sets, capabilities and mindsets might we need? Are they diverse enough to challenge our organisation?
  • Does our governance and strategic backdrop create opportunities for autonomy, effective decision making where expertise exists?
  • Are our technology choices fit for the future, adaptable, scaleable and sustainable?

Rebecca Hull, Managing Director, Digital Experience, TPXimpact
Louise Lai, Transformation Director, Manifesto

12:25-12:45 Bridging the digital skills gap to operate a modern charity
  • Identifying when it is not a new system that’s needed but improvement of people’s interactions with existing tech
  • Upskilling and building digital confidence in all departments – not just the IT and comms teams
    • How do you upskill staff when they are time poor?
    • How do you do that remotely?
    • Thinking creatively about the provision of training when there is not a lot of cash
    • Demystifying jargon and removing the fear of using digital tools and tech
    • Ensuring diverse teams create diverse skills across the organisation
  • Facilitating the necessary culture shift to get people to use tools

Zoe Amar, Chair, Charity Digital Code

12:45-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:10 SNAPSHOT PANEL: Adapting your fundraising and supporter engagement tech to maximise and streamline income generation
  • Diversifying income streams and using varied platforms to reach new supporters and donors
    • Digital donations, apps, gaming and more
  • How do we adapt for the new cashless society?
  • Successful corporate fundraising when there is increased remote and flexible working
    • What are the right tools to get them involved and make sure they can give easily and painlessly?
  • Effective income processing
    • From hand-written donation forms to cash gifts: reducing the manual interventions needed whilst making giving easy even for those who aren’t tech savvy

Moderated by Rebecca Cooney, Features and Analysis Writer, Third Sector
David Hunt, Associate Director, Digital and Strategic Insight, Breast Cancer Now
Julia Clark, Director of Engagement, Encephalitis Society
Davinia Batley, Director of Fundraising & Engagement, Become
Georgia Paton, Product Delivery Officer (Gaming & Streaming), British Red Cross

14:15-14:35 How charities can adapt & focus on digital community fundraising

Fireside chat with Enthuse and Macmillan Cancer Support, discussing key points about the importance of nurturing your supporter community

  • How to engage community groups and far-reaching supporters for your cause
  • The importance of retaining existing donors as well as appealing to new supporters through innovative technology and exciting campaigns
  • The types of technology and platforms you can use to appeal to your supporters in a new digital age of fundraising

Senior representative, Macmillan Cancer Support with Senior Representative, Enthuse


Toby Fielder, Relationship Fundraising Territory Lead, Midlands, South and South West England, Macmillan Cancer Support
Kate Thomas, Relationships Fundraising Manager, Macmillan Cancer Support
William Swan-Bell, Head of Customer Success, Enthuse

14:40-15:00 Sponsor session: What we have learned from a year of #ThirdWaveFundraising

#ThirdWaveFundraising promises to increase recurring fundraising revenue generation, increase supporter engagement and stickiness, introduce new supporters, reduce back office costs and increase brand recognition.

This session will delve into what #ThirdWaveFundraising is and how it can benefit your charity by sharing what we have learnt from a year of deploying 35 #ThirdWaveFundraising charity platforms over 2021.

Nathan Pinkney, CEO, People’s Fundraising

15:00-15:05 Break
15:05-15:55 PANEL: Choosing the right behind-the-scenes tech to improve service delivery to maximise impact in sponsorship with 3 Sided Cube
  • Exploring user experience and expectations
    • Apps, chatbots, web portals, what do they really want?
  • Using your data to improve services
  • Designing the right options for your service users
    • When is it more appropriate to go back to low-tech, old fashioned ways of working?
  • Ensuring digital accessibility when upgrading services
    • Understanding the legal framework
    • How can you ensure that people who don’t have access to tech aren’t excluded?
  • What support is available to help smaller charities benefit from new customer-facing tech?

Moderated by Emily Burt, Editor, Third Sector
Adam Tulloch, Founder & Chief Executive, Total Insight Theatre Total Insight Theatre
James Watson-O' Neill, CEO, SignHealth
Muna Hussen, Head of Marketing and Fundraising, The Bike Project
Lisa Turan, CEO, Child Brain Injury Trust
Richard Strachan, Managing Director, 3 Sided Cube

16:00-16:20 Driving nonprofit financial efficiency with paperless automation

Non-profit finance leaders are always looking for ways to streamline operations so resources can be used to achieve mission success. In many cases old technology and inefficient, manual and paper-based process become barriers to this success. What would be the impact to your mission if you dramatically improved financial efficiency and visibility with paperless automation?

Join us to:

  • Gain insights (from a recent survey) into the efficiency challenges nonprofit finance teams are facing
  • Learn the 3 technology features needed to become data-driven and go paperless
  • Get financial automation tips and best practices from guest speaker Braam du Plooy, controller at the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau

Joan Benson, Director, Nonprofit Industry Marketing, Sage Intacct
Braam du Plooy, Controller, Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau

16:20 Chair’s closing remarks and close of conference

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