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09.00 Registration and morning refreshments

09:30 Chair’s Opening Remarks

Emily Burt, Deputy Editor, Third Sector

09:35 Tech4Good: Innovative technology driving extraordinary change

Quick-fire case studies

  • Be inspired by cutting-edge pioneers who are harnessing the power of tech to support their charity mission
  • Discover how to develop Tech4Good solutions with funding from corporate partners
  • Effective ways of demonstrating the impact of tech ventures to beneficiaries and trustees

Katrin McMillan, founder and chief executive, Hello World
Steve Crump, Founder/Chief Executive Officer, DeafKidz International
Jon Hems, Clean Slate

10:05 Essential leadership skills in the digital age to transform and modernise the charity sector


  • Boost adoption of new tech for greater collaboration and communication across your organisation
  • Empowering employees to take collective ownership of digital transformation
  • Challenge and overcome uncertainty about ongoing change and development projects

Zoe Amar, chair, Charity Digital Code
Helen O’Donnell, chief executive, Children’s University

10:30 How Samaritans got buy-in for change: increasing volunteer numbers for the launch of a new webchat service

Case study and Q&A

  • Effective ways to build trust and gain buy-in from trustees, committees, volunteers, staff  and the wider organisation
  • How to encourage an innovative approach to solve problems within your organisation
  • Promoting a digital-first approach by pitching the value, ROI and impact of tech solutions

Francis Bacon, assistant director of digital services and change, Samaritans

11:00 Morning refreshment break

Breakout Sessions
11:25 How chatbots can free up time and resources for charity customer service teams

Case study

  • Measuring the ROI and cost-effectiveness of chatbots and automated technology
  • How to implement and integrate chatbots to deliver dynamic content on your website
  • How chatbots can enhance a reliable, affordable and consistent experience for donors and beneficiaries

Karina Brisby, head of digital, Versus Arthritis

11:25 Reuse, Standards and Tools. Co-creating an ecosystem of products for sector wide use

Interactive presentation

  • Pinpoint key areas where digital technology will have the most impact in your organisation
  • Develop a digital strategy to improve the work of internal teams and operations
  • Explore affordable tech solutions that are suited to your charity objectives and budgets

Chris Thorpe, head of technology, CAST and Catalyst

Breakout Sessions
11:55 Maximising the impact of your communications through data-driven personalisation

Case study and Q&A

  • How to build the data architecture you need to target your audience more effectively
  • The role of data analysis in audience engagement and fundraising
  • Effective CRM systems that are GDPR compliant and effectively store and utilise data

Christina Finlay, director of insight and data, National Trust
Jon Townsend, chief information officer, National Trust

11:55 What can modern cloud computing services do for your organisation?

Join this 30 minute high-energy race through three areas of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud's solutions. We'll be mildly geeky with real-world implementations and charity client examples. Each case-study is from medium-sized charities and current projects for digital, IT and fundraising teams. We will explore:

  • How to get buy-in from your staff for cloud-based services to increase collaboration, productivity and efficiency
  • How to weigh up the savings, scalability and risk management afforded by serverless technologies
  • What the future of technology holds for optimising supporter value, to keep you and your organisation ahead of the curve

Martin Gill, founder, Homemade Digital

Breakout Sessions
12:25 How voice technology can help you deliver services and raise more money

Case study and Q&A

  • How voice technology can benefit donors and beneficiaries to access information and services
  • How voice assistants are changing the way we search for information online
  • Considering the impact that voice skills (the equivalent of apps for voice) can have for your organisation

Louise Cordon, lead digital producer, NSPCC

12:25 How to select the right CRM system for your organisation


  • Why selecting the right CRM system is crucial for innovation and continuous improvement
  • Find out what a modern CRM system can help a nonprofit achieve
  • Why single view of a customer can cause such confusion achieving a single view of the truth through CRM
  • Understand what CRM can help your organisation achieve with data
  • Find out what apps can be built through CRM systems such as Dynamic

Fran Thomas, co-founder & technical director, cloudThing

13:00 Networking lunch

14:00 What will future digital teams look like?

Panel Discussion

  • Will digital teams sit in-house or will charities outsource digital projects to external agencies?
  • Who is best placed to be accountable for digital projects and performance?
  • What are some of the most effective ways to manage remote, dispersed and virtual teams?

Ursula Dolton, chief technology officer, British Heart Foundation
Jose A. Martínez, director of digital strategy, Consultant
Martin-Francis Campbell, chief information officer, WorldVision
Jon Spiers, chief executive, Autistica
Lara Burns, chief digital officer, The Scouts

14:45 Culture change: getting your people behind tech developments and ventures


  • Challenge traditional ways of working in the internet era
  • Design and structure your teams to challenge risk-aversion and promote innovation
  • Create a culture of collaboration through digital decentralisation and integration

Julie Dodd, director of digital transformation and communication, Parkinsons UK

15:15 How to tackle the widening digital skills gap in not-for-profit organisations

Case study

  • Attracting and retaining the best digital talent through employer branding and compelling messaging
  • The role of inclusive and diverse hiring processes to attract high-potential and underutilised digital talent
  • How innovative use of re-training and returners programmes can give you access to digital talent

Debbie Forster OBE, chief executive, Tech Talent Charter

15:45 Afternoon refreshment break

16:15 The role of technology in tackling trust and transparency issues in the Third Sector

Panel discussion

  • Understanding current and emerging technologies that offer huge potential for charities in terms of clarity, trust and accountability
  • Supporting and developing a culture of innovation to meet consumer expectations from donors and beneficiaries
  • Using technology to share stories and bring donors closer to their impact
  • Adopting new technologies to gain better marketing insight for legacy fundraising purposes

Hannah Bellamy, managing director, CharityWater
Said Dajani, head of digital, Diabetes UK
Rachel Neaman, technology leader
Dan Garrett, chief executive officer and co-founder, Farewill

17:00 Gaming4Good: level-up your fundraising game
  • Tapping into the enormous potential of live stream gaming to gain exposure and funds
  • How to collaborate with the gaming community to promote their content and your charity mission
  • Supporting gaming challenges and ‘game-athons’ that have real impact and purpose

Donna Forster, digital fundraising officer, Cats Protection

17:15 Closing remarks and the close of the conference

Emily Burt, Deputy Editor, Third Sector

*Agenda subject to change

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