Braam de Plooy, Controller, Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau

Braam du Plooy is a Finance Leader with a wealth of knowledge and experience navigating financial operations, introducing robotic process automation/artificial intelligence/machine learning tools, and instituting standard accounting principles and reporting best practices. He is passionate about integrating new technologies into all financial/accounting operations, as well as throughout the entire organization. Braam is also a compelling public speaker, delivering insight on new methodologies and tools to other industry experts and peers. He strives to execute strategic financial analysis, budgeting, and process documentation projects. He enjoys building talented teams and to enhance their skills through training and mentorship opportunities.

Braam has been highlighted and featured in multiple articles, blogs, case studies, and customer success videos on topics about cloud accounting solutions, processes, and best practices.

Currently, he is the Controller at Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc. He serves as Chairperson and CFO at Insects for Humanity, Inc.