Dan Garrett, chief executive officer and co-founder, Farewill

Dan Garrett – Farewill CEO and Co-Founder – started Farewill as part of his Msc in Design at the Royal College of Arts where he was tasked with redesigning aspects of death care in Japan. There, he was confronted with the ineffectiveness of death care, and as a trained engineer, he saw an opportunity to reinvent outdated processes by leveraging technology with innovative products such as online will-writing.

As a result, upon his return to the UK, Dan launched Farewill with the mission of changing the way the world deals with death. Farewill is now the UK's largest will writer and, in 2019, they also launched their own probate and direct cremation services. Farewill is based in London, employs 65 people, and has helped to raise over £150m for charity since launching.