Lara Burns, digital transformation leader

Lara Burns, Chief Digital and Technology Officer at Age UK, has been moving the charity's activities onto digital platforms.

She has upgraded the CMS that underpins not only the Age UK website, but also the 150+ separate websites of local branches. This has improved the user experience, driven user traffic, and saved local teams time and money by giving them a much easier plug-and-play version of the technology. And with her team she has scaled the CRM programme to include over 100 telephone advisors, providing a joined-up experience for beneficiaries and donors.

An Age UK step-change has been wrought by her securing over £2m in third-party funding for technology-based projects. A typical example is an iPad-based tool that supports frontline teams in guided conversations with an older person in their home by capturing actions that can be held in a database, rather than having to take notes manually. Another project turned an existing telephone befriending service into a digital product that has doubled the number of people using the service. As well as helping more older people, it has slashed the cost of administration by automating much of the process.


What are they talking about:

What will future digital teams look like?
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  • Who is best placed to be accountable for digital projects and performance?
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