Unit4 understands that in Not-for-Profits, NGOs and charities, your people work hard for the causes they support. Our next-generation solutions transform work to be more meaningful and inspiring with software that's self-driving, adaptive and intuitive, intelligently automating administrative tasks and providing easy access to the answers people need. Unit4 works with people the way people work.

Despite challenges, not-for-profit organizations have a huge opportunity, through digital transformation, to engage with donors, boost productivity and deliver greater impact. We make a difference to more than 100 of the largest NGOs, non-profit associations and foundations around the world including The Salvation Army, Institute of Cancer Research, Marie Stopes International, The Red Cross, Save the Children International, Conservation International, Norwegian People’s Aid, Rethink Mental Illness, ICIPE, Trocaire, Vinfen, ACDI/VOCA, and MAP International.

For more information, please visit the website at http://www.unit4.com, follow us on Twitter @Unit4global, or visit our LinkedIn page

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