ZEN Global Limited (ZEN) is incorporated and headquartered in the United Kingdom. ZEN has its Product Development Center in Japan, and a subsidiary in Malaysia. It provides services to businesses and charities worldwide through its blockchain-powered ZEN Charity Platform, which is designed to revolutionize charitable giving. With confidence in the charitable sector being seriously compromised, never has cultivating trust with donors been more important.

Our mission is transforming the good faith into action by delivering absolute transparency and traceability of the donations using blockchain technology for all stakeholders. We are maintaining our uncompromising core values of focusing on processing assurance through tracking solution services, effectively reducing the administrative costs and increasing the accountability in charities.

Addressing many challenges facing charitable giving in the modern world, ZEN Charity Platform accelerates cross-border transactions, automates flow of the fund, improves data security, traces the donation path to end recipients, promotes trust, and reduces dependence on third parties with Blockchain, ZEN Tracking API, ZEN Data Stream and ZEN Visualizer.

Our team is a blend of charity specialists, financial experts, and pioneering technology developers who have proven experience in custom blockchain and digital transformation. Diverse in experience, they are bound together by a shared ambition to harness the power of emerging technologies to transform the accountability of charitable organisations. By using a digital platform to deliver absolute transparency, they aim to make charities more appealing for donors. They believe that by building trust in those charities, the ZEN Charity Platform can help to make the world a better place.

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