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Good practice, case studies, expert advice and tips on trust fundraising for charities.

In the face of a fundraising crisis, constancy is a high-value commodity

As the impact of the coronavirus makes fundraising increasingly difficult, charities should be asking what they can do for their donors, Rebecca Cooney hears

Fundraising study: Giving remains a national pastime

Third Sector's annual Donating Trends survey finds few people are signing up to the Fundraising Preference Service, there is work to do on public trust, but a refreshingly high number of people still give, writes Rebecca Cooney

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation applies a lighter touch

The foundation has dispensed with the usual grant application process for its latest fund. Its chief executive, Moira Sinclair, tells Tom de Castella why

Analysis: are trusts and foundations doing the right thing?

Independent funders don't collaborate enough and are unfit for purpose, according to a recent report and a hard-hitting blog by social investment specialist Jake Hayman (pictured). Susannah Birkwood gets the responses of three trust leaders

Analysis: The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust vs the Charity Commission

Did the Charity Commission go too far in appearing to fetter the funding decisions of a charity's trustees? Susannah Birkwood and Stephen Cook report

Annual report: The Disabilities Trust

The charity has opted for a bright and simple document which revolves around the theme of independence

Big Giver: The Veolia Environmental Trust

The grant-making arm of landfill operator Veolia gives between £4m and £5m a year to community and voluntary organisations that benefit communities living near landfill sites

Big Giver: Lloyds Bank Foundation

Paul Streets, chief executive of the foundation, talks to Jenna Pudelek about its new grant-making strategy

Annual report: Brandon Trust

The learning disabilities and autism charity decided to present its report in the form of a travel blog

Our team: Youth Sport Trust

Helen Vost, director of fundraising at the charity that supports young people through sports, takes us behind the scenes of the fundraising team

Big Giver: John Lyon's Charity

Cathryn Pender, grants director at the trust, talks to Jenna Pudelek about funding organisations that improve the lives of children through education

Big giver: John Ellerman Foundation

Nicola Pollock, director of the foundation, says the organisation has reviewed its application process to make it more focused

Big Giver: Children in Need

Sheila Jane Malley says the grant-maker has a fresh strategy

Big Giver: Andrews Charitable Trust

Sian Edwards, director of the trust, says it looks for inspirational founders that have strong ideas

Big giver: The Clothworkers' Foundation

Sam Grimmett Batt, grants officer at the foundation, says the organisation likes funding proven projects that have been working for a long time

Big Giver: Nuffield Foundation

Sharon Witherspoon, director of the foundation, talks to Jenna Pudelek about how it looks for clear evidence in funding applications

Big Giver: Co-operative Membership Community Fund

Sarah Robinson, manager of the community fund, says projects have got to have an impact on the local community

Big Giver: The Ernest Cook Trust

Nicholas Ford, director of the trust, tells Jenna Pudelek why it doesn't have long application forms and prefers to talk to people directly

Big Giver: The Nominet Trust

Annika Small, the trust's chief executive, talks to Jenna Pudelek about how it gives grants to projects that innovate with technology

Big Giver: Garfield Weston Foundation

The foundation supports charities and projects with grants ranging from £1,000 to more than £1m

Big Giver: Paul Hamlyn Foundation

Robert Dufton, director of the foundation, talks to Jenna Pudelek about how the organisation is marking its 25th birthday

Big Giver: Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

Dawn Austwick, the organisation's chief executive, talks to Jenna Pudelek about why the foundation is focusing on niche funding

Big Giver: Hunter Foundation

Jenna Pudelek finds out why the foundation is taking a proactive approach to 'venture philanthropy'

Big Giver: The Foyle Foundation

Jenna Pudelek finds out why a change of focus means the foundation funds more than just the arts

Big Giver: The Jack Petchey Foundation

Chief operating officer Trudy Kilcullen tells Jenna Pudelek about investing £7m per year in projects for young people

Big Giver: Dulverton Trust

Chloe Stothart finds out why the Dulverton Trust prefers to give grants to smaller organisations

Big Giver: Pilgrim Trust

Georgina Naylor, director of the trust, tells Chloe Stothart that it often tries to back hard-to-fund causes

Big Giver: Doughty Hanson Charitable Foundation and Doughty Family Foundation

The late Nigel Doughty talks to Sophie Hudson about leading a corporate and family charitable foundation

Big Giver: Sir Peter Lampl, the Sutton Trust

Sir Peter Lampl tells Sylvia Rowley that he likes to fund projects that are scalable

Anna Taylor: Make it simpler to apply for grants

Our columnist encourages funders to develop more 'charity-friendly' application processes