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Colman Cawe, interim director of fundraising, describes what it's like to work at Mencap and offers insights into the head of corporate partnerships and head of direct marketing roles it's recruiting for.

Tell us about Mencap and what makes it a unique place to work

Mencap is the UK’s leading learning disability charity. We support the 1.4 million people with a learning disability in the UK and their families. A unique aspect of Mencap is working alongside colleagues who have a learning disability. I’ve honestly become a better person, both professionally and personally, during my time at Mencap because of it. I am immersed in the cause and continually inspired to be the best I can.

What exciting projects are you working on?

It’s an exciting time at Mencap. We’re currently outlining our fundraising strategy and the next step is for our new and existing heads of department to define what it means for their respective area. Part of the fundraising strategy is defining which areas of our work are most attractive to funders, and we’re not short of themes – children, isolation, employment, health and housing are the key themes rising to the fore.

What roles are you currently recruiting for?

We’re currently recruiting for a head of corporate partnerships - this would suit an outstanding individual who wants to define their career in the charity sector by leading a department that will create the next generation of sector-leading corporate partnerships. Click here to find out more and apply for the head of corporate partnerships role. We will also shortly be recruiting for a head of direct marketing.

What kind of people are you looking for?

Mencap is aiming to be one of the highest performing fundraising functions in the charity sector. There is no reason why we can’t be. We’re looking for leaders who have belief, understanding and discipline. Belief that their department can perform to the highest possible standard, an understanding of how to get there and the discipline to systematically deliver despite obstacles.

What challenges are the successful candidates likely to face in these roles?

A key challenge for successful candidates is converting the potential we have at our fingertips into systematic results. Mencap is a well known charity brand. However, understanding of learning disability is low for the general population and what our charity does to help is probably an unknown for most. But we are not trying to reach most. We are trying to reach those who have the greatest likelihood of donating to Mencap. This challenge actually adds clarity to our work and is a great starting point for anyone joining the organisation at this time.

Why would someone want to work at Mencap?

There are two key reasons why someone should work for us. The first is career wise. We’re aiming to be the highest performing fundraising function in the charity sector in five years’ time. We are aiming for ‘great’. Not good, or ok. Great. So we want to attract the best talent and develop them alongside our existing talent to perform to this level. The second is the opportunity to make a societal impact. Learning disability is the last bastion of discrimination. As the voice of learning disability, Mencap is uniquely placed to not just help the people we support, but change society’s attitudes to learning disability forever.

Sum up what it’s like to work at Mencap

Beautifully random. Inspiring. Challenging. Rewarding. Life-affirming.

Apply for the head of corporate partnerships role at Mencap

(This job vacancy has now expired)

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