What is your work personality?

Have you ever wondered what your work personality is or what your colleagues value about you?

We've put together a series of questions that test both your personality traits and also your working behaviour.

The information contained in this quiz is for general information purposes and is not to be used as a career tool.

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1. If you went back to being a child. What toy would you pick?

  • Cluedo
  • Etch-a-sketch
  • Rubix Cube
  • Climbing Frame
  • Monopoly
  • Funfax!

2. What would you be most impressed by in an employer?

  • Honest AbeHonesty
  • transparentTransparency
  • Flexibility
  • Collaboration
  • hurdlesProgression
  • Consistency

3. There is a new project...what role did you play in it?

  • packageMaking sure it is delivered
  • impactConsidering the project's impact
  • helpingI helped come up with it
  • I lead and delegated
  • makeithappenI am making it happen
  • teachingI helped people understand it

4. A last minute meeting has cropped up, what's your first thought?

  • yesSure, I can attend
  • lunchShall we do it over lunch?
  • idea2Do we need anyone else inviting?
  • diaryI'll check my diary
  • busyDoes it need to happen right now?
  • relaxedLet me know when you're ready

5. How would you describe yourself in the workplace?

  • Problem Solver
  • Ambitious
  • Independent
  • Organiser
  • Networker
  • Strategist

6. In the workplace, you are...

  • discussDiscussing an idea or project
  • presentParticipating in presentations
  • testingResearching and testing
  • brainstormBrainstorming
  • todolistOrganizing your to-do-list
  • photoshopUsing a new tool or system

7. You are working in a team and a deadline has been missed, what do you do?

  • okaySuggest working in own time
  • sweepConsider how to move forward
  • sittingFind out what went wrong
  • teamIt's a team effort so we'll decide as a team
  • clean upRe-plan a timeline to deliver
  • pointStep-up to lead

8. Which of the following gives you the greatest sense of satisfaction in your career?

  • superKeeping people safe
  • knowledgeKnowing things others don't
  • drawingCreating impactful ideas
  • learnHelping others learn
  • business2Closing big deals
  • complexityManaging complexity

9.Which of these is most important for your ideal work space?

  • Wall for post-its
  • Space for team-working
  • Big desk
  • My own space
  • Fresh air
  • Place to display numbers

10. A colleague could do with your help. What do you do?

  • bestConsider if I am the best person?
  • womanCould they do it themselves?
  • workingCan their manager help?
  • togetherNo questions - I can help
  • woman2Can helping them help me?
  • woman3When can I fit them in?

11. You are offered a new, high-profile job. Your first response is...

  • HAPPY2Yes I can do that!
  • cheekyWhat's the catch?
  • unsureDecide if it would be the best move
  • assuredIt was worth investing in my portfolio
  • coolBest sort out my leaving party
  • happyWhat needs to be done before I leave
  • You are REALISTIC

    A realistic personality type is independent and practical. They are down-to-earth and responsible. They enjoy using their hands and eyes to explore the world. They solve problems by doing something physical or mechanical. They are precise, reserved and can be seen as demanding. They value working away from the office and independently. Their prominent quality is to be reliable and they always make every effort to keep any commitment they make.

    You Are... independent, practical minded, strong, sometimes aggressive and conservative.


    An investigative personality likes to watch, learn and analyse. They tend to be more introverted and like to problem solve with math or science. They will generally avoid situations where they will have to lead, sell, or persuade people. They deal with the real world from a distance. They prefer working with data and strategy rather than hands-on delivery. They are unconventional and independent thinkers, who are curious and insightful.

    You Are... analytical, problem solvers, intellectual, precise and avoid situation that are enterprising and commercial

  • You are SOCIAL

    A social personality type loves people. They enjoy working in teams, teaching and helping others. They often have strong communication skills and are attracted to work in environments that allow them to engage regularly with the public. They tend to be empathetic problem solvers and are sensitive to people's moods and feelings. They have an interest in people and are often dedicated leaders.

    You Are... positive, responsible, friendly, like to lead and are a supportive work colleague


    Enterprising personality types are confident and assertive. They like to manage and lead, and naturally rely on their intuition to make decisions. They like to be in entrepreneurial or fast-paced environment, which tend to be highly competitive and profit-oriented. They will initiate projects but get others to carry them out. They tend to focus solely on business rather than people's concerns or opinions, and are not afraid to take risks.

    You Are... competitive , energetic, enthusiastic, confident, assertive and a quick decision-maker

  • You are ARTISTIC

    Artistic personality types are creative and expressive. They like to work in environments that demand imagination and creative thinking. Artistic characters tend to be unstructured in their work pattern. They like a role that has freedom to express, and use both their hands and mind to create new things. Their ideas may not always be accepted, but they are not easily discouraged. They have the ability to stay focused and forget everything around them. Artistic people often prefer to work independently than in a team.

    You Are... enthusiastic, creative, free-spirited, impulsive and reliable


    Conventional personality types are very detailed oriented, organised and like to work with data. They like structure and order in their life. They are also good at following instructions. They are quiet, careful, responsible and like to solve problems by following rules. They will always finish a job on time and take care of every detail. They enjoy working with facts, figures and numbers. Often conventional personality types prefer to carry out tasks that are initiated by others.

    You Are... organised, accurate, reliable, quiet and task oriented

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